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Other Name: 엘리자베스

Genres: manga, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
Lee ruin,Macherie
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Elizabeth, the most beautiful young lady in the village who has never lost her dignity, lives in fear every day selling strawberries in the Forbidden Forest, until the Duke, who is in desperate need of a wife, appears in front of her. “I’m called the Duke of Carluke here. My name is Matthias. I do not have a surname.” “Why are you taking off your clothes?” I’m sure he’s a great man, but a strange duke from somewhere. And on the first day we met, he refused to ask me out, and on the contrary, he offered me to work as a handmaiden. “I need a handmaiden in my uncle’s mansion. Elizabeth.” The old lord’s mansion. There was no handmaiden in that mansion. So there can only be one reason for making me a handmaiden of the mansion! Night service! “I don’t want to! Never!” The misunderstood romance fantasy of the innocent straightforward guy, the Duke, and the complicated young lady in the suburbs!

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