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Ancient Love Poetry 千古玦尘 Episode 14 Recap

When Tianqi heard the name of the ancients, he once again spoke coldly to Yuemi, forcing Yuemi to leave the formation. Yue Mi guessed that Apocalypse activated the World Destruction Formation for the sake of the ancients. She wanted to accompany the ancients to share adversities. Even if the road ahead was cursed by the Three Realms, she would also accompany Apocalypse. When Tianqi was about to be moved by Yuemi, Wuhuan secretly attacked Tianqi.

Yuemi blocked a blow for Tianqi and fell into Tianqi’s arms. Tianqi wanted to kill Wuhuan, but Yuemi was unwilling to watch Tianqi doing something wrong, she stopped Tianqi, and now her divine power was shattered, and without the art of returning to the sky, she finally came to an end for the long life of God. Her heart told Tianqi that she likes Tianqi. Tianqi has always known Yuemi’s intentions, but he has never dared to face it. He was afraid of losing Yuemi, but did not expect that Yuemi would die in his arms to save him today.

Yuemi died, and Tianqi was more determined to activate the world-destroying formation. Yuemi died because of her. If she can’t protect the ancients, what’s the use of living. In addition to the World Extinguishing Formation, the stars suddenly extinguished, ten thousand stars fell, and Yuemi was the goddess of the stars and the moon. The Antiquity and Twilight and the group couldn’t believe that something happened to Yuemi.

At this moment, Wuhuan was severely wounded and was thrown out of the World Destruction Formation. She repeatedly claimed that Apocalypse killed Yuemi, and that Tianqi was preparing to sacrifice the formation with her blood. Baiju and the others did not believe that Apocalypse would kill Yuemi. But the current situation does not allow Bai Jue to think too much. He asked everyone to guard this place, and he went to persuade Tianqi to stop.

Tianqi was determined to activate the World Destruction Formation due to Yuemi’s death. He refused to follow Baijue back. To him, the Three Realms were only ants, far less important than the ancients. Apocalypse activated the formation, watching the gods die because of the formation, Bai Ju could no longer protect the apocalypse, he attached the divine power to the weapon, and a weapon was inserted directly into the apocalypse. Apocalypse knows the depth of Bai Jue’s divine power, and the destruction of the world will be broken by Bai Jue, but he firmly believes that one day, Bai Jue will regret what he did today. Bai Jue personally finished the apocalypse, watching the divine source of the apocalypse dissipate, Bai Jue wept in pain.

When the ancient Guantianxiang knew about Yuemi’s death, she was stunned, and only asked the ancient monarch to guard the enchantment, and came to look for Bai Jue alone. Bai Jue dismissed the crowd and stayed alone in Yuanling Marsh. The ancients saw the statue of Yuemi in Yuanling Marsh, and Tianqi was personally killed by Bai Jue. The ancients always believed that Apocalypse must have difficulties. Now Zihan has returned to the demon world and no longer sees her, but she vowed to find out the truth. After the death of the ancients and Yuemi, the will of the ancients became depressed. She took all the faults on her own body. After that, she sealed Taoyuanlin forever, and the stars of the Three Realms were lit by her. Yuemi will always be the only one. Xingyue goddess.

Wuhuan woke up from a nightmare in the middle of the night, and she was always disturbed in her heart. She was afraid that she would expose her flaws when she hurt herself and bleed, and that everyone knew that Yuemi was killed by her. On the other side, Bai Jue was about to send the purple jade whip back to the hidden pavilion, but Ziyu whip refused to listen to Bai Ju’s command. Ziyu whip has always been spiritual, so Bai Jue had to come to seek help from the ancients, and the ancients were clothed on the purple jade whip Sealing, watching Bai Jue’s return to the main god Lingyu, she mentioned Xuan Yi’s rebellion and Tianqi’s activation of the World Destruction Formation. She didn’t want to see the main god Lingyu. After the ancient words, Bai Ju suddenly remembered what Tianqi had said to him last time, and prepared to go to the Universe Terrace.

One day after the ancient condemnation of the temple, prepare to become the main god Lingyu, and inherit the position of the main god. Xuan Yi learned of this, he was very happy, his plan was about to be completed, so he asked Mo Yu to take a sharp weapon to the Universe Platform, so that the gods could see what the real chaos of chaos is. When Bai Jue came to the Universe Terrace, he looked at the Apocalypse’s natal chart and understood why the Apocalypse activated the World Destruction Formation. It turned out that Tianqi discovered that the catastrophe of chaos was approaching. He used Yingtian stone to inquire about the catastrophe of chaos to the ancestor. He was tortured by thunder. Only then did he learn that the catastrophe of chaos was approaching, and the three realms would collapse. Solve the difficulties of all beings.

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