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The Secret of Love 不能恋爱的秘密 Episode 8 Recap

After Su Yi went back, he analyzed the matter and felt that Li Jiashang killed Mu Xiao. The next day Su Yi went to the hospital again and wanted to see Zhu Yue, but he saw Zheng He’s name on the signature list of the personnel visit, which surprised Su Yi. Su Yi saw Zhu Yue. He was so frightened by Su Yi that he squatted aside. Su Yi said Mu Feng’s name. Zhu Yue calmed down for a while, but after a while he fell ill and ran away. Yi had to go back.

Zheng He said that if Li Jiashang wanted to keep a woman’s heart, he had to keep her stomach, and told Li Jiashang to have amorous Su Yi out to eat. After that, the company organized everyone to go to the pet shelter to do volunteer work, and Li Jiashang gave them another donation. This made everyone feel that Li Jiashang was very charitable.

Later, the yard organized them to play together and put Li Jiashang and Su Yi in a group, two people It is still very fun to play. After that, Li Jiashang talked to Su Yi about his love with Mu Xiao, but Su Yi said so well why Mu Xiao would leave. This made Li Jiashang very guilty and said that if he was given another chance, he would not be giving Mu Xiao. Hurtful.

Li Jiashang and Su Yi went to their own store to do research, and gave Su Yi a set of cosmetics and asked the employees to wrap Su Yi and take it home. Li Jiashang said that he was relieved by handing the new product to Su Yi.

Su Yi called Chu Mo, and Chu Mo asked Su Yi not to continue investigating the events of the year. Su Yi felt that Chu Mo must have been threatened, but it turned out to be like that. Chu Mo held a dagger in one hand behind him. Against Chu Mo’s neck, Chu Mo told Su Yi that no one threatened him. Su Yi asked Chu Mo if Li Jiashang was threatening him, and Chu Mo told Su Yi that he had never seen Li Jiashang. Chu Mo told Su Yi to understand Li Jiashang’s feelings for her, and to understand how painful it is to continue to investigate love and the truth.

After turning off the phone, the man told Chu Mo to drive away. And Li Jiashang also appeared in front of Su Yi with twice the amount of milk tea. Su Yi asked Li Jiashang and I said that I would threaten Chu Mo to tell her not to see herself. He said that traveling abroad was deliberate. Li Jiashang felt that Su Yi was in Huayi himself, and Su Yi had approached Li Jiashang deliberately before, and now he doubts him.

Ask Su Yi to explain why you are looking for Chu Mo now? Su Yi told Li Jiashang that she didn’t need to answer Li Jiashang and left. After that, Li Jiashang followed Su Yi in the car behind. Just after Su Yi took the phone and went to the destination according to the location, a person was tracking Su Yi, so Li Jiashang went to protect Su Yi, and Su Yi also found out at this moment. A person was secretly following himself and took out a fruit knife from his pocket. Unexpectedly, it was Li Jiashang who cut his hand.

Li Jiashang hugged Su Yi and said that someone was following her, but Su Yi said that he only saw Li Jiashang and did not see anyone else. Li Jiashang asked Su Yi who asked her to investigate, and Su Yi asked Li Jiashang not to ask more. Li Jiashang felt that Su Yi was as impulsive as seven years ago, but Su Yi told Li Jiashang not to be nosy, even if he died there today, Li Jiashang would not need to protect him. He left after speaking, which made Li Jiashang very distressed.

Su Yi was very happy to receive the lipstick given to him by Li Jiashang after returning, so he wanted to send a message to Li Jiashang, but after editing it for a long time, he didn’t have the courage to send it out.

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