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The Secret of Love 不能恋爱的秘密 Episode 6 Recap

Su Yi went to the archives room alone to look for the locked files. At this time, Li Jiashang passed by and said that he was defensive in such important places. He had already installed a camera in the dark. Su Yi said that she just wanted to take a look when she was passing by, but Li Jiashang took out her mobile phone to show Su Yi, it showed three wrong password input and asked Su Yi to explain?

If Su Yi snoops and tells a secret, he can ask the police to arrest her, but Su Yi says that Lee’s enterprise has secrets and is not afraid of police investigations? And Li Jiashang told Su Yi that he could slander Su Yi, and there was nothing Su Yi wanted to know, and what Mu Xiao wanted to know, would Su Yi continue to look for it? Suy has nothing to say.

Su Yi and Xia Xiyang discuss what to do if they want to get Li Jiashang’s fingerprints? The two people discussed for a long time and ended up attending Zheng He’s birthday party next week, so that they could get close to Li Jiashang to get his fingerprints. After that, I asked Zheng He to go to the karaoke hall for his birthday, but Li Jiashang did not show up. Xia Xiyang asked Zheng He to call Li Jiashang too, and Li Jiashang went by himself soon.

So Su Yi had to use every opportunity to get Li Jiashang’s fingerprints and play various games to get Li Jiashang drunk, but he didn’t succeed. Later, Xia Xiyang drank too much and Zheng He had to send her home. On the way, Xia Xiyang said that she wouldn’t come into contact with people like him if it wasn’t for Su Yi, and told Zheng He not to give her an idea, so she would go by herself.

Zheng He told Li Jiashang that there is no woman in the world who calls him so humble, only Xia Xiyang can do it. At this time, Xia Xiyang called Zheng He and told him to go out, and Zheng He hurried out. Xia Xiyang and Zheng He apologized, saying that they shouldn’t have spoken to him like that before, and asked him to eat crayfish.

At this time, Zheng He received a call and said that the information about Su Yi in Japan had been sent to his mailbox, and he asked Zheng He to be short of people. Just accept it. On the other side, Xia Xiyang was also taking the opportunity to give Su Yi a voice saying that he had revealed the news about Su Yi in Japan, even if the task was completed. After that, he told Zheng He that he had something to do and left, which made Zheng He a little confused.

After Zheng He went back, he told Li Jiashang whether he had a tendency to be abused or if he had a good impression of Xia Xiyang. Then he told Li Jiashang that he had found information about Su Yi’s in Japan and told Li Jiashang to hold on, but Su Yi didn’t. Mu Xiao. Li Jiashang really didn’t want to accept it when he heard it, but that was the fact that he had to accept it. Zheng He showed Su Yi’s information in Japan to Li Jiashang, saying that Xia Xiyang had disclosed it to him inadvertently.

Su Yi spent the university in Haishi before the Japanese university, and Li Jiashang felt that Xia Xiyang intended to disclose it to Zheng. And the news. Li Jiashang felt that he didn’t understand what Su Yi was thinking about now, and why he revealed the news to them at that time. So Zheng He felt that it would be more straightforward to get Su Yi to marry him, and then call Su Yi to ask her to go there.

Su Yi took a bottle of good wine to Li Jiashang’s house. Su Yi asked Li Jiashang to cook and drink for Li Jiashang after signing. Li Jiashang thought it was more appropriate for him to cook. After cooking, he said that his previous girlfriend was him. It would be nice if I could find it back. Unexpectedly, Li Jiashang broke the glass in the process. Li Jiashang went to pick up the broken glass and scratched his hand. Su Yi quickly helped him stop the bleeding, but Li Jiashang said that his hand was not very painful and his back hurts more, so Su Yi helped Li Jiashang wipe his back. Medicine, Li Jiashang took the opportunity to kiss Su Yi, and the two fell on the sofa.

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