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The Day of Becoming You 变成你的那一天 Episode 10 Recap

Yu Shengsheng saw that Jiang Yi was not in a good mood. Suddenly, it occurred to him that it was a thunderstorm and the weather was just in line with the exchange factor. She asked him if he wanted to do Yu Shengsheng for a few days, and the two decided to try.

On the contrary, he was a little nervous before the event. Jiang Yi caught a cold and interrupted the plan of the two exchanges. Yu Shengsheng gave Jiang Yi medicine and made him lie down on the bed. In the morning Yu Shengsheng woke up and walked out without seeing Jiang Yi. Jiang Yi was talking on the phone with his dad. His dad proposed to play a play with him to make a hype, but Jiang Yi refused.

In the evening, Yu Shengsheng sent Jiang Yi a picture of walnuts, and Jiang Yi immediately made a video call. Yu Shengsheng was worried that Tong Tong would find out that the door of the room was locked, so that Jiang Yi would not send videos to her at will in the future. It would be bad if Tong Wei found out. Jiang Yi composed a new song and wanted to sing it for Yu Shengsheng. Yu Shengsheng asked Jiang Yi if she had seen Xu Shuyi. Jiang Yi wanted to go to Yu Shengsheng’s house to have a meal tomorrow night, but Yu Shengsheng explained the truth. Do not go home at night.

Before he got off work, Yu Shengsheng asked for leave to pack Jiang Yi’s food prepared by her father, and Yu Shengsheng ordered and picked for him. Yu Shengsheng packed the food and took the walnuts to learn about Pan walnuts from Jiang Yi. Xu Shuyi also came downstairs and saw that Yu Shengsheng had planned to leave, so she insisted on staying and eating. Yu Shengsheng was very angry, and since Xu Shuyi wanted to stay to eat, she simply called Jiashu down.

Yu Shengsheng praised Jiashu for damaging Jiang Yi at the dinner table. Jiang Yi was inexplicable, and the two girls competed secretly at the dinner table. Xu Shuyi walked away to answer the phone, Jia Shu and Yu Shengsheng chatted, she served Jia Shu a soup, Jiang Yi silently passed the bowl, but Yu Shengsheng ignored him. Before Yu Shengsheng left, Jiashu gave her a gift. Yu Shengsheng went on a date with Shen Boqing in the car, and when he was in the car, the more he thought about today’s affairs, the more angry he became.

Jiang Yi asked Jia Shu why he gave Yu Shengsheng a gift, Jia Shu asked him if he could give gifts to his fans, Jiang Yi asked him if he really believed Yu Shengsheng was his fan, and Jia Shu didn’t care whether she was a real fan or a fake fan. Before being falsified, he regarded her as real, and what Jiashu sought was to make his fans happy. Jia Shu was in a good mood today.

Mention Jiang Yi. He didn’t know if they were real friends or fake friends. He didn’t know if she came here to give Jiang Yi food for another purpose, but he could see that she was very careful. This table of delicacies was prepared, but Jiang Yi seemed to call someone she didn’t like very much, and no one would be happy if she changed it. Jia Shu got up and asked Jiang Yi to stop making excuses, and quickly apologized to his fans, and don’t make his fans unhappy.

When Yu Shengsheng and Shen Boqing came out after watching the movie, Shen Boqing said that the movie was too gimmicky and the story generally couldn’t justify itself. Yu Shengsheng sighed that the aliens in parallel time and space had heard about strange things, and Shen Boqing’s hobby was really as usual. Shen Boqing had time this weekend to ask Yu Shengsheng to go to a resort in the suburbs of Chengbei County. Yu Shengsheng said to think about it. Shen Boqing saw that she did not agree to leave if she didn’t want to go.

The remaining sound told Shen Boqing not to retire in a hurry. She went back and asked Tong Tong to see if she needed to catch up on the paper during the weekend. Jiang Yi called and asked Yu Shengsheng when it was time to return home to tell her to wait a while and he sent her an incubator. He waited on the road outside Yu Shengsheng’s house. After a while, he saw Yu Shengsheng and Shen Boqing approaching. Now, he quickly sat on the stool next to him and turned around.

After Shen Boqing left, he saw Jiang Yi who was sitting there. Jiang Yi returned the insulation box to her. She asked him if there was anything wrong, but he said it was okay, and Yu Shengsheng turned and left decisively.

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