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Ancient Love Poetry 千古玦尘 Episode 10 Recap

The ancients absorbed the chaotic power training of the God-killing Flower in the Nine Nethers. The demons continued to provoke the ancients. The ancients were not the opponents of the monsters. The Primordial God Bai Jue secretly assisted the ancients to repel the monsters, and wielded the ancient Emperor sword to find the ganoderma wounds medicine. Seeing the ancients tired to sleep, Bai Ju just stayed quietly by the ancients’ side. He knew the ancients’ affection for him, so he dropped a kiss between the ancients’ brows, and when the ancients inherited the Lord’s throne, he would take his own Mind tells the ancients one by one.

Both Yuemi and Tianqi were worried about the ancients. Twilight came to tell Yuemi that he had realized the fourth level of cultivation. Although Tianqi disliked Twilight’s slow progress in cultivation, he was still kind to help Mu. The light broke the blocked meridians and helped Twilight cultivate. Twilight followed the apocalypse’s tapping practice quickly. He came to meet with the ancient monarch, just to hear how Wu Huan was worried about how to frighten the other gods and take care of the pilgrimage hall. Gu Jun told his own experience, Wu Huan After this point, she felt reasonable, and a smile appeared on her face, and she was busy preparing tea for Twilight and Gu Jun, so that the two could discuss their cultivation.

Xueying was sent to Jiuyou. She was ridiculed by other people in Jiuyou who guarded the enchantment, so she secretly vowed in her heart that one day she would return to the God Realm with integrity and win the antiquity. On the other side, the ancients were diligent in cultivating in Jiuyou. For thousands of years, Bai Ju didn’t care about the loss of lifespan and the loss of spiritual power.

Yuemi’s one hundred thousand years birthday is approaching, Tianqi sent a gift, and told Yuemi that the mountains and seas of the lower realm were changing, and the chaotic aura overflowed everywhere. The ancients were about to return the power of chaos to the gods. Hearing this news, Yue Mi was very happy, and Twilight beside him couldn’t hide the smile on his face, ready to tell Gu Jun the news.

In the pilgrimage hall, after thousands of years, Wuhuan has become more and more comfortable in managing the pilgrimage hall. She is like the owner of the pilgrimage hall reprimanding the servant who broke the jade cup. Even the ancient king and Twilight who came here could not see it. , I think Wuhuan is a little lingering. Wu Huan explained that she just wanted to take care of the pilgrimage hall. Twilight and Gu Jun told the story about the imminent return of the ancients, but Wu Huan was stunned after hearing this, and some of them couldn’t recover.

In Jiuyou, the ancients tried everything to get the source of the guardian spirit, and she fought against Xuanyi’s entourage. The source of the patron saint is the treasure of the Three Realms. Through thousands of years of practice, the power of chaos was finally realized in ancient times. The power of chaos can save and swallow all things. Now she has the power of chaos. , The Three Realms are under her feet, and everything is in her palm. Refined with the power of the ancient Chaos, Bai Ju Yuanshen also left Jiuyouhui body. When his Yuanshen left, Xueying’s attention was attracted.

Xueying secretly used the Yuanshen to enter the Jiuyous to spy, and it was very surprising that Bai Ju would be for the ancient Yuan. God casts spells out of the body. The story of Xueying’s entry into Jiuyou passed into Xuanyi’s ears. Xuanyi knew that Xueying was incompatible with the ancients, so he decided to help Xueying to stage a lively drama.

Having cultivated into Chaos Spiritual Power for thousands of years in ancient times, she has broken the barrier, so she went to say goodbye to Xuan. Xuan Yi sneered at the back of the ancients leaving. People in the God Realm were stupid and kept guarding against the second demons, but they didn’t know that the biggest enemy in the Three Realms was Heaven’s Mandate.

Subsequently, the Xuan Yi faction followed Mo Yu to the Red Forest and broke through the Qiongqi barrier. For thousands of years, he has discovered most things in the God Realm from the ancient mouths, and Xueying has now been injected with devilish energy by him. It is Mo Yu in the gods. The best pawn in the world.

Tianqi and Bai Ju went outside the Jiuyou enchantment and waited for the return of the ancients. Seeing Bai Ju’s expression weak, Tian Qi accidentally discovered that Bai Ju’s divine consciousness had passed away. However, because of the ancient times, Tianqi didn’t wait to see Bai Jue. The two stood aside and waited for the ancient times, but learned from the guardian god that the ancient times had left Jiuyou.

Xueying secretly helped Mo Yu break through the Qiongqi barrier, and Qiongqi attacked towards the God Realm. When the gods could not resist Qiongqi’s attack, the ancients returned with the power of chaos, and an ancient emperor sword stood there. Before everyone’s eyes, the antiquity who had experienced thousands of years is no longer the innocent little girl that day, her brows and eyes have an inviolable breath of the king.

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