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The Secret of Love 不能恋爱的秘密 Episode 5 Recap

Ding Hang found the old magazine of the famous show in 2014 and called Su Yi to pick it up. Ding Hang said that the magazine that year was invested by Li’s enterprise, and Mu Feng was suspected of escaping with the money, but he was quickly suppressed after the conclusion of the car accident. Up. Ding Hang asked Su Yi if he helped Li’s enterprise destroy the evidence?

Or is it someone from Mufeng? It doesn’t matter if Su Yi doesn’t say anything, but Ding Hang wants to make a deal with Su Yi. He helps Su Yi find a complete magazine and ask Su Yi to help him complete the report that year. But Su Yi said that it would be dangerous to complete the registration, but Ding Hang told Su Yi that he was an ideal person and would not be afraid of danger. A Li company was nothing.

After that, Su Yi showed the incomplete magazine to Xia Xiyang. After that issue of the magazine, it became an entertainment publication. It was obvious that Li’s enterprise was doing a ghost. Xia Xiyang said would it be related to Li Jiashang? Su Yi felt that Li Jiashang was only 20 years old seven years ago, and that the university still wouldn’t handle those things. It must have been done during Li Yaohui’s reign. So Xia Xiyang said that he would go to the Li Mu Research Institute instead of Su Yi to see if he could gain anything.

Li Jiashang went to the pet hospital funded by him. I didn’t expect to see Su Yi working as a volunteer somewhere, so the two helped to wash the pets together. When Li Jiashang made a self-made dog, he said that the dog was adopted by him. , And the owners of those pets should not abandon their pets, since they choose to keep them, they must be responsible to the end. But Su Yi opposed Li Jiashang’s statement that people have the right to choose, so the two quarreled. After that, Li Jiashang and Su Yi broke up. After Li Jiashang left, Uncle Zhang went over and said that Su Yi should not hide from Li Jiashang.

Xia Xiyang went to the Li Mu Research Institute and called Su Yi and said that it was like just after the war. Fortunately Su Yi did not go, or she would be terrified. Su Yi asked Xia Xiyang to go back. Don’t be there. Looking for something.

Li Jiashang asked Zheng He to investigate Su Yi, but he turned around angrily and left. At the meeting, Editor-in-Chief Sun told everyone that Su Yi would be responsible for the new project in the future, but Film shook up and objected, saying that Su Yi had just returned to China and it was inappropriate for her to do it. Li Jiashang looked at Film and said that she was questioning Li Jiashang’s decision. After that, I will take Su Yi to see the exhibition hall of Li’s enterprise products.

Li Jiashang took Su Yi to the exhibition hall, but there is not all their materials there. There is another place where their products and materials are displayed. If Su Yi wants to see it, ask someone to help with an access card. . Li Jiashang introduced Su Yi to the Li enterprise for the first time in an international magazine seven years ago, and after that Li Jiashang became a partner of the international show. After Li Jiashang finished the introduction, he asked Su Yi what he was doing seven years ago?

So Su Yi said it was reflected in her resume, and she has the right not to answer if she is asking about personal privacy. And Li Jiashang asked Su Yi if he had heard of Li Mu Research Institute? Su Yi replied firmly. Li Jiashang said that it was just a failed investment by Li’s enterprise. After that, Su Yi was to be sent back, but Be Su Yi refused. After Su Yi left, Li Jiashang thought that Su Yi was too calm and there must be a problem.

Su Yi saw Chu Mo at the door of the company. He gave gifts to many employees right after he returned, which made the company a lively scene. At this time, editor-in-chief Sun asked everyone to go back to work quickly and told Chu Mo not to get the company out of the company soon. After that mess, Su Yi was introduced to Chu Mo, and then Chu Mo invited Su Yi to do it in his office. Chu Mo asked Su Yi with such a beautiful resume why he chose to return to work in China, so Su Yi took out the magazine and said that it was for his father, which caused Chu Mo a headache. Sui said that she lost her memory after the car accident. It was her father’s friend who took her to Japan to recover from her injuries.

Until she received the cover of that magazine, she knew that there were still things waiting to be solved by herself. Su Yi asked Chu Mo if he sent him the magazine? Chu Mo gratefully denied it. Su Yi asked Chu Mo that he clearly found the stolen money back then, why didn’t he continue to report? Those visit records can prove that Suy’s father was not the one who absconded with the money.

And Cao Mei said that there was no evidence. Back then, Mu Feng was the project leader, and every expenditure had his signature, telling Su Yi to stop entangled, because he simply couldn’t imagine how strong her opponent was. Su Yi fainted because he was too excited. When he woke up, Chu Mo asked Feilin to accompany Su Yi to work. After they left, Chu Mo received a call from Li Jiashang asking if he had determined Su Yi’s intentions. Mo told Li Jiashang that he was not sure he was going to observe.

Su Yi went to the Li’s Enterprise Archives to check the information, and Su Yi saw some locked files in it, only Li Jiashang could unlock it, and he wanted to ask Li Jiashang for help. Just when Li Jiashang was thinking of Su Yi in his heart, Su Yi went to ask Li Jiashang to invite him to dinner, and when the two were half late, Su Xiangtai called Su Yi and said something was going on, Su Yi quickly went out to answer the phone. Gao Mu is the chairman of the Linzi Group. Seeing that Li Jiashang was also in the restaurant, he took the initiative to strike up a conversation, saying that Li Jiashang was also working as a brand for young people.

He was a little bit thinking about eating cakes with them and told Li Jiashang that he wanted to sign All of his clients were taken by Takagi, and asked Li Jiashang not to be delusional. At this time Su Yi answered the phone and went back to Takagi to see Su Yi was very surprised, nodded in greeting, and left. Su Yi asked Li Jiashang why it was locked in the archives room, but Su Yi couldn’t see some materials when he wanted to see it. And Li Jiashang said that Naxi’s forehead was useless, and told Su Yi not to look at those things.

Su Xiangtai passed by and said that Li Jiashang was a vampire, and her sister could not take a good rest after get off work. Su Yi told Su Xiangtai to go home quickly and don’t talk nonsense there. After returning home, Su Yi saw a birthday cake on the table. Su Yi remembered that it was Su Xiangtai’s birthday and quickly apologized to his brother. He also prepared Su Xiangtai a longevity noodle to congratulate him on his birthday, which made Su Xiangtai calm down.

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