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The Secret of Love 不能恋爱的秘密 Episode 3 Recap

The photos of the two were posted on the Internet, and many netizens were commenting that it turned out to be their two self-directed and self-acted dramas, and Su Yi is really a scheming woman. Li Jiashang knew that he and Su Yi had been on the hot search, so he hurried to find a way to clarify, otherwise he would be miserable if his grandfather knew about it. Su Yi was also surrounded by many reporters for interviews. Just when Su Yi was about to leave, he fell and went to the hospital.

Li Jiashang went to ask Su Yi if she was at work, only to learn that she had injured her foot and went to the hospital, so she went to the hospital to see her. And Su Yi said that you should call Li Jiashang not to show up, but Li Jiashang asked Su Yi why he wanted to follow his previous girlfriend, and if there are other names? I want to know how many secrets Suy has. At this moment, Zheng He was waiting for Li Jiashang outside the hospital. Su Yi’s friend Xia Xiyang was also working in the hospital. They met at the show yesterday. This made him feel that he was really fate, and his name was Zheng He.

And her name is Xia Xiyang, and the combination is Zheng He’s voyages to the West. But Xia Xiyang said that Zheng He was insane and gave him a punch and went into the ward to see Su Yi. They couldn’t find the two people who looked very affectionate in the ward, so they went out. After that, Li Jiashang drove back to the company through Su Yi. On the way, Li Jiashang asked Su Yi if he had a relationship with his previous girlfriend, but Su Yi refused by various means.

When Li Jiashang and Zheng He practiced boxing, they said that he thought Su Yi was his former girlfriend, but Zheng He told Li Jiashang not to think too much. She died a long time ago.

Suy went out after dressing up, and there was someone behind her for a sneak shot. In the company film, she went to Li Jiashang and said that Su Yi was temporarily ill. She came to interview Li Jiashang instead of Su Yi. However, Li Jiashang said that he only accepted Su Yi’s interview and asked Fei Lin to go out. After seeing Su Yi outside, she said she pried away. Ferryn’s work, and Su Yi retorted that she had noble help. Su Yi relied on her own ability and couldn’t compare with Ferryn’s strength.

After speaking, I hurried to find Li Jiashang, but I saw Li Jiashang at the door, and Li Jiashang said that Su Yi had been late for a long time, and he hated being late, so Su Yi said she had a reason, and hoped that Li Jiashang could listen to her explanation, but Li Jiashang said There is still something, but you can make an appointment again. Later, I saw Film at the door of the company, Su Yi asked Film to find a smarter person to embarrass himself, don’t always make small moves, then the famous celebrity will be ruined.

Su Yi was asked to feed herself by her younger brother Su Xiangtai while eating at home, so Su Yi was very considerate to feed her brother, while Xia Xiyang watched her sister feeding Su Xiangtai and was jealous and said to feed herself, while Su Xiangtai said Xia Xiyang should not be with herself Fighting sister, so the two tore each other. Su Yi is very pleased to see them so lively. Although he has lost his memory in Japan, he is also very happy to be accompanied by two younger siblings.

Li Jiashang was holding his beloved cat alone at home and remembered the time he spent with his girlfriend. Li Jiashang wondered if Mu Xiao had really gone back.

Su Yi was thinking at home before Fei Lin asked herself if approaching Li Jiashang was as simple as a plan. Su Yi told Fei Lin that it must be to gain a foothold in the celebrity show, and then waited until the publisher Chu Mo returned. Seven years ago, Sui was killed in a car accident when he was 18 years old, and Sui lost his memory and was sent to live in Japan.

On the second birthday in Japan, Su Yi received a mysterious package containing a famous magazine. Su Yi never believed that his father would abscond with the money. In order to prove his father’s innocence, Su Yi must investigate the accident that year. If you want to find a breakthrough, you must find Chu Mo, the publisher of the famous magazine. That is the purpose of Su Yi’s return to China.

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