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The Secret of Love 不能恋爱的秘密 Episode 1 Recap

The Li Group is considered to be a well-known enterprise in China. The chairman of the group, Li Yaohui, started from scratch and has been managing the Li Group for 50 years. Now he has to retreat to the second line and his grandson Li Jiashang will take over as the chairman. Li Jiashang returned from overseas and graduated as a graduate student.

After taking over, his style was very hard-line. The layoffs and exchanges have significantly improved the company’s performance. The contract was to be terminated at the meeting with the partner Mingxiu for many years. Under the insistence of Mingxiu, it was decided to give them a week to come up with better works, otherwise the contract would be terminated completely.

After the memory, Gao Dingli and Li Jiashang passed by, which made Li Jiashang stop, feeling that Gao Dingli was a little different. Gao Dingli is an employee of Mingxiu, who wants to win the final victory in this cooperation with Li’s enterprise.

In the middle of the night, Li Jiashang couldn’t sleep and drove to a restaurant to eat. He didn’t expect that the girl opposite was Gao Dingli. When Li Jiashang saw Gao Dingli again, he remembered when he was in school. At that time, Gao Dingli confessed to himself. Be his girlfriend. Just when Li Jiashang was stunned, Gao Dingli left on a motorcycle. Later, Li Jiashang and Zheng He asked if there were two people who looked alike. Li Jiashang felt that he had seen his previous girlfriend, but Zheng He said she was dead and told Li Jiashang not to miss her.

The next morning, Mr. Zhang ran to Li Jiashang and told Li Jiashang that he informed the old man Li Yaohui when he knew that the celebrity star would compare the draft. The old man was also very in favor of the draft, and he had to sit down and judge himself. And Li Jiashang said that he was grateful to Mr. Zhang for his care, after all, it was the Li company that his grandfather had set up himself. After that, Li Jiashang told Zheng He that Mr. Zhang is an old fox. He had worked with celebrities for many years, but he had a lot of benefits. Now even his grandpa moved out to keep celebrities, but he wouldn’t let them. Succeeded.

Li Jiashang went to the restaurant again and saw Gao Dingli again, so he chatted with her. Gao Dingli approached Li Jiashang’s table and chatted with Li Jiashang for a while. After that, he was picked up by a friend and stayed at Li Jiashang’s table. I read a book, which contains the admission ticket to her exhibition address.

After that, Li Jiashang returned the book according to the address and saw Gao Dingli again. Gao Dingli took the initiative to shook hands with Li Jiashang and introduced himself, and Li Jiashang said that they had met somewhere? Gao Dingli said that Li Jiashang’s routine girl really has a set, and Li Jiashang asked her to go out, so Gao Dingli left Li Jiashang’s phone number and left.

After that, Li Jiashang called Gao Dingli, but no one answered him. After that, he called someone to check Gao Dingli’s information but couldn’t find it. After taking the phone number, Zheng He said that it was his girlfriend’s phone number, so he found his girlfriend to find out that she had lent the phone to a friend who had just returned to China. After taking out the phone photo, he knew that it was Gao Dingli. . Li Jiashang went to find Gao Dingli, and Gao Dingli said that she had just returned the phone to her friend, not deliberately trying to deceive Li Jiashang, but I did not expect that Li Jiashang really likes her paintings and would actually buy them. .

And Li Jiashang wants to invite Gao Dingli to dinner, in exchange for a painting. During the meal, Li Jiashang gave Gao Dingli a deposit for a resounding painting, and the two people also liked the same music, which made them have some good feelings for each other. Li Jiashang asked Gao Dingli if he thought he was familiar, but Gao Dingli had no impression of Li Jia. At this time, a group of couples at the opposite dining table lit fireworks to celebrate.

This reminded Li Jiashang of the scene of his previous girlfriend being burned to death. Gao Dingli hurriedly asked Li Jiashang if there was anything wrong with Li Jiashang. Li Jiashang smiled and told Gao Dingli not to worry. After that, I invited Gao Dingli to his house to look at her paintings. When Li Jiashang’s family, Gao Dingli wanted to help hang up the paintings, Li Jiashang took Gao Dingli and said that he didn’t want to trouble him. I didn’t expect that the milk in his hand would be spilled on Li Jiashang.

On the body, the two almost kissed each other, but Li Jiashang still controlled and said that he was going to change clothes. At this moment, Gao Dingli opened Li Jiashang’s computer and stole the plan to compare the draft. After Li Jiashang went out, Gao Dingli left, leaving a note to Li Jiashang, saying goodbye to another day if something happened.

When it was time for the celebrity show to compare the drafts, Li Yaohui went to sit down in person. After the celebrity show came up with a plan, Li Jiashang did not come up with a plan to compare the drafts, which made grandpa a little angry. Later, Li Jiashang asked Chen Jin if they did the plan? Chen Jin said that their creative director did it.

At this time, Gao Dingli walked into the meeting room and introduced everyone. He is the creative director Su Yi of the famous show. This made Li Jiashang feel like he was hit by a bullet. It turned out that Suyi decided to get close to Li Jiashang after he had a thorough understanding of Li Jiashang’s work and rest. Only then did he come up with a set of chance encounters to try to gain Li Jiashang’s trust, and then stole his plan to compare the draft.

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