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Ancient Love Poetry 千古玦尘 Episode 1 Recap

At the beginning of the god realm, the ancestor gods created the three realms of gods, immortals, and demons, spread the spiritual power cultivation method, and then shattered and left. The gods are supreme, and the four true gods rule all the kings. In the realm of the gods, two graceful and slender girls are playing in the Qionghua. One of them is innocent and romantic. She is the true god of the ancients, and the star and moon goddess who accompanies her is called Yue Mi.

In the Marriage Shrine that came to take charge of the marriage of the Three Realms, this Marriage Shrine was run by the God Lord Puhua. Yue Mi had a heart. She entered the shrine to pray for marriage. The ancients looked at the beloved beloved in this shrine and couldn’t help but pick up the law. Want to promote a couple of gods and goddesses. Anyone knows that in ancient times, she was not good at learning and art. She used the techniques and tactics to make a big disaster. Known by Zhiyang, the true god who feared to control the heavens, the ancient times and Yuemi quickly left the marriage shrine.

One day in the Realm Academy, a white-clothed man was teaching the Immortal Dharma. He was Bai Jue, one of the four true gods of the ancient world. Bai Jue had a cold temperament, but he was quite strict with the students until another man came to disrupt Bai Jue’s teaching. There are not many people who can treat Bai Jue so presumptuously.

Except for the sun far away in the gods, the apocalypse in front of them is one of them. When Tianqi saw Bai Jue, he compared it with him. In the past ten thousand years, Bai Jue’s spiritual power has greatly increased. Tianqi is not Bai Jue’s opponent. He has obtained wine from Bai Jue. He also mentioned the ancient longevity birthday, which is the lord of chaos in the future. Regardless of whether he wishes or not, Bai Ju must go to the God Realm and see this new birth for thousands of years.

In the god realm, the true god Zhiyang knew of the catastrophe caused by the ancients. He was very angry about the ancients sneaking out of the realm of the gods, and sent people to look for the whereabouts of the ancients. The ancients knew well that she was punished by the sun, so she thought for a while and decided to go to Changyuan Hall to avoid the scenery. Changyuan Hall is the temple of Bai Jue, because Bai Ju has not returned to the God Realm for nearly ten thousand years. Think that is a safe place.

Bai Jue and Tianqi returned to the God Realm to see the Sun. There are only four true gods in the God Realm, except for the three of them in ancient times. Therefore, the three of them have not seen them for thousands of years and do not have any sense of life. This time Bai Jue picked up a birthday peach as a birthday gift with the ancients.

Zhi Yang mentioned that since the ancient times was born, the natural divine veins were impassable, the spiritual power was weak, and he could not cultivate the unique chaotic power of the ancestors. He hoped that Bai Ju could stay. Guide the ancients in the gods. Bai Ju was unwilling to take over this matter, but Sunburn allowed Bai Ju and Tian Qi to witness the cracking of the Nine Nether God Realm with their own eyes.

With the crack of the Nine Nether God Realm, the power of Chaos also began to dissipate. It caused an uproar. Even if Bai Jue was unwilling to take care of the demon’s affairs, he could not ignore the disaster of Chaos. Under the mutual persuasion of Zhiyang and Tianqi, Zhiyang guaranteed that the ancients were a well-behaved, diligent and eager person by nature. Only then should I teach the ancient things.

In the Hall of Changyuan, the ancients were resting on a tree, but unexpectedly saw the Snow God coming to take care of the Hidden Sea Flowers. It is self-evident that the Snow God admires Bai Ju, and the sudden appearance of Bai Ju made the Snow God’s eyes more joyful, and the Snow God stepped forward. Expressing his mind, Bai Jue burned the hidden sea flower in front of the Snow God, leaving no illusions for the Snow God. At the same time, Bai Ju found the figure of the ancients. The ancients regarded Bai Jue as Bo Xinglang and spoke wildly to Bai Jue’s mouth. Seeing such a perverted ancient ancients, Bai Ju also coldened his face and directly shot the ancients out of the Hall of Changyuan.

Back in the ancient times, she remembered what Bai Ju had done to her. She was the god of chaos. No one in the gods had treated her so presumptuously, so she wanted Yue Mi to destroy the Changyuan Hall for her. Bai Jue’s spiritual power cannot be compared with Yuemi. Yuemi’s heart is embarrassed and summoned Zhiyang. Zhiyang has watched the ancients grow up since he was a child.

He knows the ancient temperament well, so he cooperates with Yuemi to stimulate the law. The ancients were so excited that she was willing to learn art from Bai Jue’s teacher. When she succeeded in school in the future, the first thing she did was to destroy the Changyuan Temple by herself and pay Bai Jue to drive out of the God Realm in order to avenge today’s revenge.

The ancients came down to the Hall of Changyuan with the crowd, wanting to show her the power of the Lord of Chaos, but Bai Jue didn’t eat the style of the ancients, and only said that if the ancients wanted to enter the door of his Changyuan Hall, he had to meet his three requirements. . The ancients responded with one mouthful, she endured the arrogance in her heart and took off her godly clothes in front of everyone, ruining her beloved treasure for thousands of years.

She was sealed with spiritual power by Bai Jue, and entered the Changyuan Hall in plain clothes. After that, she was A divine attendant in the Changyuan Hall is no longer the main chaos god. As soon as she entered the gate of Changyuan Hall, the identity of the unicorn beast beside Bai Ju in ancient times was the same. She swept the ground at the request of the beast, but frequently teased the beast.

Bai Ju set up an examination question for the ancients. He asked the ancients to go to the blood forest to appease the tigers, and tried to make the tigers smile. The ancients had a headache for this. She came to learn from Tianqi, and Tianqi can only impress the ancients with the most sincere affection. . Afterwards, the ancients stepped out of the temple, but met a group of goddesses who came to send her a long-lived birthday gift. Everyone didn’t ask for him, only wanted to let the ancients lead Bai Jue on their behalf.

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