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Trinity of Shadows (2021) 第三佈局 塵沙惑

Trinity of Shadows
Other Title: 第三佈局 塵沙惑, Di San Bu Qu Chen Sha Huo

Genres: Drama, Crime, suspense
Hong Bo Hao
Huang Jian Ming
Release Date: 
June 13, 2021
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  • Sandrine Pinna as Xu Zhi Wei
  • Chen Fan Rou (陳汎柔) as child Zhi Wei
  • Bob Liu (劉冠廷) as Chen Jia Hao
  • Zhuang Kai Xun as Yang Qi Xiao
  • Guo Da Rui (郭大睿) as child Qi Xiao
  • Stanley Yau (邱士縉) as Zhang Jing Yao
  • Frederick Lee (李銘忠) as Hu Da Dong
  • Xu Jun Hao as teen Da Dong


Young and promising city councilor Yang Qixiao (played by Zhuang Kaixun ) takes over his father’s hotel business and walks between black and white. Xu Ziwei (played by Zhang Rongrong ) is a former secret service team member who was promoted exceptionally because of an injury on the job. A case of migrant workers escaping accidentally involved the corpse division case. Xu Ziwei and the rookie policeman Chen Jiahao ( played by Liu Guanting ) privately investigated and suspected it was related to the Viper Group.

However, the boss reprimanded Xu Ziwei for exceeding her authority to investigate the case and transferred her to serve as Yang Qixiao’s attendant. Unexpectedly, the fate of the two of them was entangled in a hostage case as early as 3 years ago… The process of solving the case like Rashomon allowed everyone to step into the layout carefully planned by someone…

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