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The Trick of Life and Love 机智的恋爱生活 Episode 22 Recap

Instead of persuading Gu Lan, Gu Zhe was injured by Gu Lan. After returning, Gu Zhe complained to Yu Qingqing. Looking at Gu Zhe’s injured arm, Yu Qingqing helped wipe the medicine. He even suspected that Gu Lan was not Gu Zhe’s relatives. sister. However, Gu Zhe said that he could understand Gu Lan. Gu Lan was discriminated against by his father since he was a child. He was not allowed to take over the family affairs and never took a penny from the family. Everything was the result of his own hard work. But still being looked down upon by my father, and insisting on not reconciling now, maybe just because I don’t want my father to look down even more, just because of something else.

Ning Chengming flew back to the company, but didn’t know how to express his feelings, so he could only use the previous plan to speak. He rarely praised Li Qian’s plan as good, and Li Qian also told Ning Chengming that he was facing Gu Lan is not reconciled, guessing that Gu Lan was not reconciled because of a private matter, and he planned to find out the reason.

Ning Chengming offered to invite Li Qian to have a barbecue. Li Qian looked at Ning Chengming’s appearance and believed Cao Mei’s words. He knew that Ning Chengming was suffering from a mental illness, and he was kind to Ning Chengming when he thought of this. a lot of. Ning Chengming explained that the original intention of allowing Li Qian and Cao Mei to pinch each other was not to retaliate against Li Qian.

In fact, Li Qian had already noticed it. He just hoped that Ning Chengming’s anger would be completely eliminated. Although Ning Chengming didn’t Can laugh, but said that he is not angry after eating this barbecue. Thinking of what happened at school before, Li Qian thanked Ning Chengming for being harsh at the time. It was precisely because of his harshness that the students brought out were the strongest to resist pressure when they went to society.

Ning Chengming watched Li Qian, who was eating barbecue, got black charcoal on her face, and took the initiative to wipe it off. Li Qian was in a daze, but soon recovered, thinking that Ning Chengming would not like her, and Ning Chengming sent it to him. When Li Qian returned, Li Qian solemnly apologized to Ning Chengming. Ning Chengming also accepted the apology, and the two smiled.

Ning Chengming dreamed of Li Qian that night, as well as his dead parents, and saw Li Qian washing in the company during shift the next morning. Ning Chengming took the initiative to help Li Qian blow his hair, which also reminded him of the sweet time he lived with Li Qian, but he was so absorbed that he scorched Li Qian’s hair, but the company employees saw the two of them. On the contrary, there was a look of envy in all the scenes.

Li Qian saw Gu Lan’s thoughts, so she took the initiative to negotiate with Gu Lan. Li Qian praised Gu Lan as a very outstanding woman, but she was bound by Gu’s thoughts and encouraged Gu Lan to get rid of Gu’s spirit. She would Become a better and more perfect Gu Lan. Gu Lan likes Li Qian very much, and thinks she is someone who knows herself, and thinks that Li Jingfan’s blessing is to have a daughter like Li Qian in the Li family.

After talking with Li Qian, Gu Lan went to Li Chen and agreed to marry, but he asked that after marrying, everyone would be safe and do what they liked, as always.

An intern reporter Guo Dongsheng of a financial channel came to the company but went the wrong way. Li Qian helped point out Mr. Gu’s direction. Guo Dongsheng also added Li Qian’s WeChat account. Ning Chengming saw this scene and couldn’t help but pull it. Li Qian left. Ning Chengming was a little dissatisfied and angry. He thought that Li Qian and Guo Dongsheng knew each other, otherwise he would not be so enthusiastic to help a stranger. He even returned the rubber band Li Qian sent yesterday to Li Qian. Li Qian thought it was Ning. Cheng Ming was ill, and didn’t want to screw him up and reach out to pick it up.

As a result, Ning Chengming just didn’t let go. Instead, he thought that Li Qian was a lying woman, and even wanted to take things back. Li Qian mistakenly thought that Ning Chengming had remembered the grievances she had had before, and felt that this incident was still impossible to pass between the two of them. So she proposed to resign, but Ning Chengming opposed it. Ning Chengming reminded Li Qian not to forget the five-year contract, and if he breaches the contract, he will be compensated with a penalty of 2 million. At this time, a policeman came in and asked the two to cooperate to understand the situation.

Gu Zhe was tricked into signing an unfair contract. Yu Qingqing learned of the situation and rushed over and asked the other party to terminate the contract from a legal professional point of view, otherwise he would be sued.

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