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Please Feel at Ease Mr. Ling 一不小心捡到爱 Episode 24 End Recap

Ling Yue just came to give everyone a truth, but Ling Sheng disapproved and said that Ling Yue was a rumors, but he never expected that Chairman Ling had already woke up when Ling Yue went to see him secretly. Ling Fang pushed Chairman Ling out, saying that his favorite young son was about to ruin his foundation, but Ling Sheng was obsessed with thinking that no one looked down on him. Ling Sheng also believes that he has the most shares in his hands, and no one has more say than him. But Chairman Ling announced that he would give 20% of his shares to Ling Yue, but even so, he still didn’t have more than 30% in Ling Sheng’s hands.

At this time, Ling Fang stood up and handed over 10% of his own to Ling Yue, so that the two were only tied. Ling Sheng also asked why Ling Fang gave this outsider, and Ling Fang yelled that he was also his younger brother, just like you. Ling Sheng asked the people present to vote to decide who to go and who to stay, but An Xin said no, because he also has 5% of the shares that are considered as shareholders of the group, and all of them are given to Ling Yue, so Ling Yue has more shares than Ling Sheng. Up. In the end, the shareholders all chose to support Ling Yue, and Ling Yue also notified the police of what they had done.

An Xin and Ling Yue ran to the hospital to learn that Gu Yuanchao had a brain tumor. Xin’er was under police investigation and Yang Hong was also hospitalized. Although Gu Yuanchao’s operation was successful, there will be sequelae, which is Alzheimer’s disease, commonly known as Alzheimer’s. An Xin is very sad. He hasn’t told him the truth about the matter, and his memory will not have her.

Yang Hong was also sluggish in the hospital bed. An Sheng persuaded her to get back on track together from now on, and Yu Guo also ran over to question her why she did this, but she didn’t expect to harm her and help her by the same person. Yang Hong also regretted it.

Brother Fifth gave Allen his business card and told him to call him when he came out. If not surprisingly, she would be there in 80 years. An Sheng told An Xin that he had taken a leave of absence and that his family and company were inseparable from him. An Sheng also packed An Xin’s room in the house and told her that there will always be her home here. Xin’er came to An Xin to apologize to her and called An Xin to her sister, but An Xin had already forgiven her. Ling Yue still chose to hand over the Lingshi Group to his brother Lingfang, and he still belonged to Newwell.

You You and Zhao Lei also recruited new members to the studio, and Ling Yue and An Sheng also reached a cooperation. The sales of Anxin’s comics are very good. Everyone is rushing to sign with Anxin, but someone on the market has already stolen the name, and Anxin wants to change the name again. Xiao Yishan and Ai Li sat on the beach together to make plans for the future.

Xiner went to the police station to visit Ling Sheng, although Ling Sheng was already frustrated. But Xin’er continued to encourage him, she would wait for Ling Sheng as Ling Sheng did before, and she kept wearing their engagement ring in her hand. An Xin is signing for readers. Xin Er goes to see An Xin. An Xin’s comics also use Xin Er as a prototype to create a character, and has a very happy ending. An Xin also gave her a new book. Xiner also opened a new form of 5G logistics warehouse at Cainiao Station. While talking, Ai Li called An Xin and said that Ling Yue had disappeared, and An Xin hurried back to look for it.

There was a group of people on the road pulling An Xin to draw a lottery. An Xin had no choice but to draw, but unexpectedly won the prize. The prize was actually a small motorcycle who worked at the rookie station before. The sticker on the sticker says please send yourself to the destination on time, and there are always signs on the road to guide peace of mind.

An Xin rode a small motorcycle to the amusement park where Ling Yue had been with him. Ling Yue suddenly appeared and asked An Xin to marry him in surprise, but An Xin happily agreed. They kissed together, and their good friends came out with fireworks sticks. It happened that there was a grand and romantic firework in the sky, and everyone watched the fireworks together.

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