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So I’m a Spider, So What?

What about reincarnation spiders!
Other Name: 轉生成蜘蛛又怎樣, So I’m a Spider, So What? (轉生成蜘蛛又怎樣!)

Genres: Anime, Fantasy
episode 21 ongoing
Shin Itagaki
Related Show:

The “I” who was supposed to be a high school girl unexpectedly came to an unknown place and reincarnated as a “spider” monster! ? Although I managed to escape from the spider parents who like cannibalism, I accidentally broke into the monsters’ den. In this terrible labyrinth where poisonous frogs, big snakes, giant apes, and dragons run wild, can the “I” who is just a small spider survive…really… there should be limits to joking! The culprit that caused this situation will come out to me soon──! With the enthusiastic support of all netizens, the spider’s survival strategy is officially launched!

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