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My Hero Academia Season 5

My Hero Academia Season 5 (Anime)
Other Name: 我的英雄學院第5季

Genres: Anime
11 episodes ongoing
Nagasaki Kenji, Mukai Masahiro

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This is a world where human beings naturally have superpowers. The uncharacterized boy named “Bonjiu” Idku Midori met the longed-for No. 1 hero Oermat, and he discovered the hidden heroic qualifications of Midori, and inherited his personality One For from Oermat JiJiKB.COM All. Benjiu entered the prestigious high school with many heroes, Xiongying High School, with the goal of becoming a hero who saves society and people with his personality, and spent every day full of trials with his classmates.

Although defeated the old enemy All For One, Oermet also exhausted his strength and retired from the professional hero. Benjiu inherited his legacy and obtained the “Professional Hero Provisional License”, which was another step closer to the best hero. At this time, Benjiu met one of the three giants of Xiongying, a third-year student, Tongxing Weisheng, who was doing an off-campus internship under the professional hero Jazz Night Eye.

Its overwhelming strength makes Benjiu even more yearning to participate in an off-campus internship in a professional hero office that can truly carry out hero activities. On the other side, the young leader of the restless group, the young leader of the Diehui Bazhai Hui, contacted the leader of the enemy who inherited the will of All For One, the dead handle wooden hanger. After that, beside the meditator, the figure of a young girl appeared. Benjiu and the hero candidates are about to fight new threats, and a new mission challenge has begun! !

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