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Moonfall Xishan holds the sword to break the bond

Moonfall Xishan holds the sword to break the bond (Novel)
Other Name: 月落西山执剑断缘

Genre: Novel, Martial Arts
Author: a small rocket
Year: 2021
Chapter: ongoing
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The martial arts fantasy novel “The Moon Sets on the West Mountain and the Sword Breaks the Fate” created by the author “Little Rocket in the Cloud” is currently being serialized. The protagonist in the book is Mu Jinxi. The content of the novel is: Mu Jinxi originally had a pretty good life. At that time, he was very high-spirited. He was the dream lover of all girls. The threshold of the family was dented by the matchmaker. I thought that His life was destined to be so crazy. But I never expected that all of this would be completely destroyed because of an inexplicable conspiracy. From then on, the little beauty that belonged to Mu Jinxi had completely left him…

Free Reading Highlights:

“If you don’t hold you, you ran away in a while. To tell you the truth, I really can’t catch up after chasing you again!”

Ye Yunxun was also very depressed, and his light skill was considered to be the best among his peers, and he would not be able to catch up with this mountain boy who had no internal strength at all.

“Don’t be kidding, your dignified Tibetan sword disciple will not be able to catch up with me as a handyman, let go, I won’t run, I have to deliver the meat to the back kitchen, don’t you still expect you to lead the way?”

Hearing this, Ye Yunxun was willing to loosen the tightly held slender hands.

“Okay…then you don’t want to be ridiculous, otherwise this girl will call you pretty!”

After that, he patted the saber on his waist and hummed softly.

“Frankly tell you, I am an orphan adopted by the old man. I was brought up by the old man since I was a child. Then he saw that I was getting older, so he arranged for me to work as a handyman in Houshan. I worked and chopped firewood every day. Killing chickens, slaughtering pigs… wait, all kinds of work!”

By now, Ye Xiaoer had to make up a lie and send it out. In his opinion, this female disciple was not a particularly clever one, and should be able to pass it.

“Why haven’t I heard of that, why don’t the elders want you to go down the mountain? I feel like you are lying!”


Ye Xiaoer was speechless for a while.

I thought: This Nizi is pretty smart.

Ever since, Ye Xiaoer pretended not to hear, and continued to follow, because he seemed to have seen the compound, so he simply ignored the other party. Say hello to the cane.

With a little abacus in his heart and whistling in his mouth, he looked indifferent.

“I want to ask you something!”

After walking for a while, seeing that he was about to reach his destination, Ye Yunxun suddenly stopped. With the sound of a sharp sword being unsheathed, Ye Xiaoer’s neck felt cold again, still the familiar feeling before.

“Wow! I said grandma, don’t do this again!”

Suddenly, being put on his shoulders by a cold sharp sword again, really frightened Ye Xiaoer.

“Huh, do you think I am a child? If you dare to borrow the elder’s reputation and bluff, what should you be guilty of! Even if I kill you now, no one will care.”

Ye Xiaoer obviously felt that the woman in front of him was about to come to life. I don’t know when it started. He could see the kind of aura exuding around the body when the person was stimulating the true qi in the body.

At this moment, the woman in front of her body was wrapped with a small golden aura, looming.

“If you have something to say, don’t push your true anger! The streets and alleys are easy to hurt others by mistake. Is there anything I can’t sit down and talk about?”

Ye Xiaoer stretched out his right hand as he spoke, and slowly opened his palm, slowly releasing a little qi from his dantian in case of emergency.

“Oh, it’s not easy! You, a little handyman, can still feel the true anger, now it depends on how you explain it!”

Ye Xiaoer smirked awkwardly, thinking that she couldn’t just let the stubborn woman bring herself to the old man, and let the old man explain it by himself.

“Then let’s go directly to…”

Just as Ye Xiaoer was about to blurt out the language he thought of, he suddenly felt a strong killing intent. After half of the language was over, it stopped abruptly, and then his tone changed to a rebuke.

“Get out of the way!”

With the palm of his hand, he pushed Ye Yunxun who was holding him back, saying that it was too late and that time, and the two of them were like mutually repelling magnets, and they were bounced back several meters at the same time.

Just as the woman wondered how the other party could suddenly show her internal strength and bounced it away, a huge and incomparable long knife fell in response, hitting the place where the two of them had stalemate just now, raising the dust in the sky.

“Oh, good luck!”

As the dust dissipated, a burly, topless man with a fierce face wearing an eye mask appeared between the two.

“Who are you? So bold, you dare to attack and kill the Tibetan sword disciple here!”

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