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Emperor Zun Xiantu

Emperor Zun Xiantu (Novel)
Other Name: 帝尊仙途

Genre: Novel, Martial Arts
Author: Six Realms and Three Paths
Year: 2021
Chapter: ongoing
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The novel “Di Zun Xian Tu”, also known as “Xian Wu Di Zun”. The novel is based on Xiuxian as the main line, written by the author of Six Realms and Three Paths. The protagonists of the novel are Ye Chen and Ji Ningshuang. The summary of the wonderful content: once he was just an outside disciple of the Xiuxian school, and later because of calculations, he has been broken with Dantian. He could no longer cultivate immortals and was expelled from the teacher’s door.

Because of this incident, he felt remorseful and frustrated. As a result, he would be made difficult and humiliated by his fellow brothers. Just when he was desperate, a ray of real fire left by the ancients changed his life! It is precisely because of this ray of real fire that he reshapes his dantian, not only has his cultivation level increased, but his aptitude is also very different from before. Now Ye Chen is no longer the waste that was expelled by the fairy sect before. It is necessary to step up to the top of Xiuxian step by step, so that everyone knows that waste can also counterattack and become the emperor!

Free Reading Highlights:

Ye Chen closed his hands, sat cross-legged, first shook away the evil spirit of the twilight sacred body, and removed impurities, melted a dozen great sage demon, swallowed one emperor sage demon, his origin is terrible , Far beyond the imagination of the three emperors of heaven, earth and man.

The world trembled and couldn’t hold up his coercion, and the Yaochi standing beside him was shocked by the coercive force to retreat half a step.

Looking at the blue sky, the color is gushing, and it is also accompanied by visions. It is the great realm of Ye Chen Dao. In the chaos and chaos, there are mountains and forests, long rivers and rivers, flowers and plants flourish, trees are full, and Ye Chen’s Dao, The engraving is extremely clear, not only with the sound of the sky, but also more spiritual, with a hint of light, such as the pours of the fairy rain in the sky, and the lotus flowers bloom proudly.

The scene of Yunvfeng is even bigger. You can see its side. There are dragons hovering for nine days, the phoenix is ​​reborn from the fire, the white tiger is roaring up to the sky, the Xuanwu builds a fairy road, and the lineup of the four great beasts is so huge. Comparable back then.

Hum! Hum! Hum!

Ye Chen’s sacred body hummed and trembled, with layers of golden halo spreading in all directions, but also because of Yaochi’s isolation from the outside world and Yunvfeng, otherwise, there are probably countless people suffering.

I don’t know when the vision dissipated. Ye Chen’s entire body’s brilliance gradually converged on the Holy Body. There was a mysterious and terrifying power in his body that was dormant. It was difficult to capture the vision of the Emperor Zongyaochi. I only knew that power. It made her feel heart palpitations.

The heaven and the earth finally returned to tranquility. Ye Chen, sitting cross-legged, became an ice sculpture of stone carvings, with a solemn appearance, only hair swaying lightly, and the strands were dyed with Taoism.

Yaochi didn’t bother, he kept silent, knowing that Ye Chen was enlightening, and when he woke up, he would probably be an intermediate emperor’s sacrament. After swallowing so many holy demons, he would not be able to help him advance, the real emperor’s immortal. The way is still a word of Tao.

“It’s silent.”

The people of Hengyue stepped their feet to look away, but they saw a misty piece, and no one could see through the restriction of the empress.

“Wait! That guy will be even more dazzling when he comes out again.”

Little Lingwa bit the source stone and told a truth.

Since it is the truth, no one opposes it, or it is already used to it. Every time there is a big movement in Yunvfeng, there must be good luck afterwards. It is no wonder that evildoers such as Ye Chen are no wonder.

Quietly, three days passed quickly.

In the three days, Ye Chen didn’t open his eyes and didn’t see him moving. The enlightened mind was still wandering in the avenue.

On the fourth day and night, his appearance changed slightly. He was originally a young man, gradually becoming old, until he had white hair and white beard, his skin was wrinkled, and his body was full of twilight light.

On the sixth day, he regained his old age, from old to middle age, to youth, adolescents, and children. It seemed like a juggling. From old to young, from young to old, it became a cycle, deducting again and again, every time there is a change. , The emperor’s gods will accumulate once, and cast his origins as majestic as the sea.

On the ninth day, the vision of Emperor Dao appeared again.

This day should refer to the day of commemoration. The ancient saint Ye Chen broke through the barrier of the Ming and Ming. From the first emperor to the middle emperor, the entire heavens were shaken by it.

There was lightning and thunder in the emptiness, but it was not a catastrophe, it was more like God’s wrath, angering Ye Chen’s power, angering the person who rebelled against him, and once again got the god-defying nature.

At that moment, the Outland Supremes who were on Taikoo Road, no matter the Heavenly Devil Emperor Emo, or the Dacheng Saint Demon, the Emperor Dao Saint Demon, all subconsciously glanced at themselves, and felt that they had lost a little bit of power. Weak by one point.

On the other hand, the emperor Huang, the red face, the god of war, and the remaining gods and generals on the Taikoo Road all looked at their bodies, and felt that there was so much mysterious power blessing in them.

“Next, he will play with you.”

The female emperor Gu Tianting opened her eyes and glanced at Cang Miao at random, the strongest supreme in the ages, also on this day, retired from that gamer to a chess piece, willing to be Ye Chen’s chess piece, because Ye Chenneng She can’t do it.

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