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Thunderbolt Chao Lingque

Pili Chao Lingque
Other Name: 霹靂朝靈闕

Genres: Anime, Action
30 episodes ongoing


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Six Chongyue, Eight Flawless, righteous spirit and enchanting atmosphere, and evil spirits can hardly bear. Break through the elementary famine, destroy the sky, and the Sacred Heart Demon Intestine, who can do it? Repent and stingy, take home, triangulate fate, read the prison. Shaoyang Sheng, Chao Lingque, who is the hero, still depends on China. The robbing soldiers have no time to rob them. After the turbulence and misery, the horrible tribe has no time to do so.

To prevent this evil force from subverting the martial arts in the Central Plains, Tang asked Mengze Mountain. Like. Xiang Liuya, widely published the world’s leading posts, held a sky-high meeting, gathered Xi Chuangyue, Mo Ruya, Buquan Ying and other Tang to ask Yingjie, righteous Liu Chongyue suzerain Wei Yi, Tai Shuwang, and representatives of Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism one after another Respond, the blood spreads over the river, the mountains and the knights are fierce. In the deep fog of the Three Peaks, Weifu didn’t know where he was.

After Moshang’s sky burst, the peak of the Three Religions was also utterly unsuccessful. They disappeared from the rivers and lakes. Rescue them. Mr. Shaoyang entered the world superbly, and he had the astounding cultivation base of the summit of the Three Religions. It was his responsibility to find the missing three people. Sima Junye was a close friend. For this reason, he was a mystery to Mr. Shaoyang. But he keeps secrets about the past, and he is enthusiastic about the world alone, and the difference in thoughts is the control of good and evil by others?

Traveling to the world as a teacher, all wishes return together, the mysterious master has nowhere to go, as cold as an iceberg, sitting in the middle of the water, the imperial girl walks along the holy way, and judges the hope of the common people. He will lead the mysterious sect to return with all wishes and create what kind of future? In the hermit forest, the immortal sword demon, the magician proud of China, has been in the past for many years, and reappears in the world. Because of the trade with the three swords of the military disaster and the snow, it is still a chaotic world, and it is still an unpredictable world and familiar. The Central Plains martial arts, the difficult love and entanglement, you can see the results of the three road choices, if you want to know the exciting plot, please don’t miss the latest Pili international multimedia masterpiece in 2021-Pili Chaolingque.

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