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Truth or Dare 花好月又圆 Episode 1 Recap

In Qingzhou, the salt gang rebellion affected the people, and the Eternal Spirit traveled through the night, robbing the rich and helping the poor. And the bandits remnants Qinglongzhai appeared outside Qingzhou city, occupying the mountain as king. Only the three young Mei Shiqing from the Mei family can contend with it. The brave son of the general fought bravely, but he did not expect to almost fall into the tricks of the fifth master of the bandit. Fortunately, Mei Shiqing’s martial arts was so strong that he could listen to the sound of swords and guns with his eyes closed. The bandit Little Po and the others saw that the situation was not good, so they had to Flee in a hurry.

Jianghu artist He Yizhi took her daughter Xiaowanzi to perform on the street, and the two joined hands to perform with a broken boulder on his chest, but the son-in-law who suddenly got up fell in love with the peculiar Xiaowanzi and began to flirt in the street.

I don’t know that this little ball is born with supernatural power, and the group of subordinates who have solved this bully in twos or twos, who knows that there are more and more people, little ball and He Yizhi have to run away in the street, and they are encountering the carriage of Mei Shiqing and his party, Mei Shi Qing’s subordinate Si Heng drove away the bully, but Mei Shiqing’s carriage was frightened by the sound of firecrackers. The carriage ran between the markets. The people panicked. Xiao Wanzi overtook him and pulled it to a halt on the street.

After getting into the carriage, Xiao Maruko opened the curtain to confirm Mei Shiqing’s safety, but did not expect that Mei Shiqing hadn’t even said a word of kindness. Xiao Maruko was very angry, and the horse raised up again. Xiao Maruko accidentally fell into the carriage. Unexpectedly kissed Mei Shiqing unexpectedly. Si Heng and He Yizhi rushed to the scene and happened to encounter an embarrassing scene. Mei Shiqing frustrated Si Heng to pull Xiaowanzi down, full of anger and nowhere to say.

The son of Qinglongzhai, Nan Batian, was injured and sold out in front of his foster father. Nan Xiang, the daughter of the owner, hurried over to seek justice for Xiao Bao, so Nan Batian had to let him see it. The sixth major first takes care of Xiaobao. On the other side, General Mei Changyun deplored that the thief escaped once again. His son Mei Shiqing was poisoned by the thief, and the chance of his eyes recovering was slim.

He was about to marry the Nine Princes Mansion to marry the princess, but now he must not see it. Shangmei Shiqing. The second wife on the side saw the needle in the sea, and recommended that the second son, Mei Shiyuan, marry the princess. But it was an imperial gift. Mei Changyun was furious. If it hadn’t been for the death of the eldest son, it would be the two of them now. Mei Shiqing retorted. Everyone is just the father’s pawn. Mei Changyun gritted his teeth and warned Mei Shiqing that Mei Shiqing would marry him whether he was a good match or not.

In the Nine Kings Mansion, Lu Yingyao rubbed his father’s shoulders. The Nine Kings Lord felt that the mansion was empty now, and there was only an empty shell left. Lu Yingyao circumscribed the question about whether the marriage could be canceled. He was unwilling to marry. Because of the imperial gift, the Nine Kings persuaded his daughter to obey the imperial decree, and let his subordinate Qiaoyun look at the princess. Although I heard that the third youngest member of the Mei family was a young talent, the princess still didn’t want to marry a stranger, and now had to sigh on the table.

Xiaowanzi and He Yizhi didn’t make a penny today. They were carrying the performers and walking down the street. The smell of Ruyilou attracted the hungry Xiaowanzi, but that was a place where rich people could eat. Seeing the girl who only dared to smell the taste, He Yizhi gritted her teeth and decided to take her girl in to eat a sweet and sour pork ribs. At the beginning of the singer’s performance, the famous girl Arou danced on the stage, beautiful and elegant, Xiao Maruko was envious, and even started to learn.

Si Heng and Mei Shiqing ate together, and Mei Shiqing still missed the remnants of Qinglongzhai. A Rou walked into the room. If Mei Shiqing hadn’t brought herself to the Ruyi Tower, A Rou might have been just a trader. Hearing A Rou’s eager voice, Mei Shiqing simply took off the blindfold. He did not lose his sight, but instead acted to avoid the marriage.

Mei Shiqing asked about the clues she asked Arou to find. Then Arou said that she found a place where private salt was hidden. Qingzhou has not been selling private salt for more than ten years. Mei Shiqing guessed that this private salt was sold. There is still a resurgence. At this time, there was an applause outside the door.

It turned out that He Yizhi and Xiaowanzi were drunk and performed acrobatics in public. Si Heng and A Rou went out to investigate the situation, but Xiao Wanzi found Mei Shiqing’s room while smelling the fragrance of vegetables. The drunk Xiaowanzi recognized Mei Shiqing in a trance, and was about to take revenge. Hearing Mei Shiqing’s wailing on Mei Shiqing’s arm, Si Heng rushed in and dragged Xiaowanzi away. Mei Shiqing ordered Xiaowanzi not to step into Ruyi Tower again.

Xiao Wanzi, who was driven out of Ruyi Tower, fell asleep on the carriage. Xiao Wanzi turned his head and saw the night spirit man flying in the night sky. If he thought that the night spirit man was his idol, Xiao Wanzi rushed to catch him. The Eternal Nightman, the drunk Xiaowanzi lost his measure, and pressed the Eternal Nightman against the wall, begging the Eternal Nightman to take his own righteousness. He Yizhi’s voice came over, Xiao Wanzi proudly showed off that he had found the Night Spirit Man, who knows that when he turned his head, the Night Spirit Man was gone.

He Yizhi took the small balls to soak in the casino. He Yizhi, who was addicted to gambling, lost all his money and was stopped by the casino owner, Chifeng, in an attempt to settle his debts. Chifeng planned to use the small balls to settle the account, regardless of He Yizhi. Against the opposition, Xiaowanzi was forcibly taken away.

Nan Batian learned from Wu Ye that the Penglai Casino at the foot of the mountain had accepted an infinitely powerful girl. She must be good for life and can be happy for the stockade. After Nan Batian thought about it, he personally agreed to the marriage. And force Xiaobao to marry this girl. It happened to follow Wu Ye’s will to avoid Xiao Bao and Nan Xiang Xiu Chengguo.

Chifeng told He Yizhi the two of Qinglongzhai’s marriage, and the group once again forced the two to separate. Seeing his father He Yizhi was beaten so badly, Xiao Wanzi finally nodded and agreed.

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