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The Rebel 叛逆者 Episode 1 Recap

Since the end of the September 18th Incident, Chiang Kai-shek, in order to strengthen internal control and suppress the CCP, specially established the Kuomintang Fuxing Society and designated Shanghai as a special zone. It was not until 1936 that Chen Moqun took over as the head of the Special Services Department. The curtain of persecuting progressives.

In the midsummer of this year, at the beginning of the founding of the National Salvation Council, the rainy days of the past few days have poured Shanghai thoroughly. The prosperous metropolis in the eyes of outsiders is actually divided into two worlds, one is dotted with oil lamps, and the alleys are quiet and cool; the other is bloody. The main building is gloomy and cold, with catastrophe hidden in it.

Dozens of special agents stood still in the rain, seeming to be waiting for an important instruction. As the instruction conveyer, Chen Moqun, is “waiting for good news” at the window at this moment. As the wailing in the interrogation room faded, blood everywhere heralded the silence of life, and a phone call rang the second floor.

After Chen Moqun put down the microphone, he walked out of the office quickly, and the deputy stationmaster Wang Shian greeted him and couldn’t wait to report the results to him. Although the Communist Party under trial gave clues about the Luxi Liaison Station and the liaison officer Wang Zhi, because of torture, it failed to tell the address of the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and died on the spot.

Wang Zhi had no idea about this, and his location was only ten minutes’ drive away from the secret service. The Communist Party Amu learned of the intelligence in advance. When Chen Moqun brought people, he had already left the room. Whether it was the residual temperature of the bed, the charcoal basin, or the raincoat, all signs had indicated that the secret service had hidden a ghost. Leading to the leak of the arrest.

In the face of this unexpected accident, Chen Moqun remained always sensitive and suspicious, even Wang Shian was included in the candidate list. Considering the urgent need for credible people around him, Chen Moqun personally went to Nanjing to select outstanding agents. He happened to meet Lin Nansheng, who had abandoned his pen and joined the army. Because of his enthusiasm for serving the country and keen insight, he soon stood out in the next surprise assessment.

Rather than treating it as an assessment, it is better to count it as Chen Moqun’s tasting to deepen the appreciation of Lin Nansheng. The meaning of the existence of other students is nothing more than a foil. Fortunately, Lin Nansheng’s performance did not live up to expectations. After the assessment, Chen Moqun went to him to talk to him alone. With a speech of revolutionary belief, he confirmed his original intention to apply for the special training class.

Before leaving for Shanghai, Lin Nansheng bid farewell to his friend Zuo Qiuming. The two were of equal strength, but the results were very different. Zuo Qiuming was not discouraged. Instead, he comforted Lin Nansheng who was a little self-blaming. A pen and salute were offered as blessings and watched him go away by car, looking forward to the day of reunion.

Shili foreign exchanges, picking customs, I have seen many similar descriptions in books during school, but when Lin Nansheng is immersed in the scene, he is a little uncomfortable. It is this kind of young and honest embarrassment that Chen Moqun became interested. When did he have the same experience, he taught Lin Nansheng to always be loyal to the party state and not to leave the organization for any reason. Because time is not reliable, people will Fickle.

The Nanjing inspection team captured a Communist Party. This person was Wang Zhi who had been missing for many days. Chen Moqun arranged for Wang Shian to deal with it. Then he brought Lin Nansheng to the office and prepared his documents and guns to explain the specific tasks. . In this building, apart from Chen Moqun, Lin Nansheng does not need to take orders from anyone. His job is to assist the stationmaster in searching for lurkers hiding in the secret service.

In order to make Lin Nansheng familiar with it as soon as possible, Chen Moqun screened out the information of relevant personnel who could have access to intelligence, but the only missing information was Gu Shenyan, director of the archives office. It happened that Gu Shenyan came back from outside and approached the station master driver under the pretext of delivering cigarettes. He took this opportunity to glance at the car and saw the newspaper from Nanjing.

The relationship between Gu Shenyan and Chen Moqun is equivalent to that of Lin Nansheng and Zuo Qiuming, both studying at the Whampoa Military Academy, and their relationship is naturally deep. On weekdays, Chen Moqun’s aura was terrifying, but when he saw Gu Shenyan, he was very alert and took off the seven points to replace the smile. Whether it was true or false, it was extremely rare.

While Lin Nansheng was analyzing the suspicious person, Gu Shenyan took the document and came to Chen Moqun to sign. The two exchanged a few words, but in Lin Nansheng’s heart, he had left the impression that Gu Shenyan was not a simple person. After Gu Shenyan left, Lin Nansheng believed that Gu Shenyan should be tracked down. If the other party was loyal, he would certainly not worry about being suspected. Chen Moqun acquiesced and agreed with his proposal.

As everyone knows, Gu Shenyan returned to the office and immediately dialed the phone to order a book from a bookstore. The answer was Amu. After explaining the details of the task, Lin Nansheng followed Chen Moqun to the interrogation room, not only to visit the detained Communists, but even to witness the young boy being tortured.

Lin Nansheng, who had never seen such a bloody scene, was shocked physically and mentally at this moment and couldn’t help but look away. Upon seeing this, Chen Moqun ordered Lin Nansheng to open his eyes so that he must adapt to this environment. Only by throwing away his compassion can he be better loyal to the party and state. Sooner or later, he will see the complexity of human nature and may sit in the torture chamber next. The Communist Party members will be old people and children, and even friends and relatives.

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