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Please Feel at Ease Mr. Ling 一不小心捡到爱 Episode 22 Recap

After Ling Fang rescued everyone, An Sheng arrived and hurriedly asked everyone about their situation. Ling Fang also explained that it was not himself who had worked on Ling Yue’s car before. As soon as Ling Yue recalled it, he realized that it was Ling Sheng. Whether it was the leaked internal plan before, or the official seal later, only Ling Sheng could get it. After Yu Guo woke up, everyone asked her who her accomplices were. She didn’t say anything but An Sheng told everyone that it turned out that the mastermind behind her was Yang Hong. Yang Hong had been taking care of Yu Guo, but was just using her to deal with Anxin.

Ling Yue decided to use suspended animation to do the trick, and secretly sent someone to collect evidence to buy time. Settling Yu Guo to a place no one knew, Ling Fang sent someone to burn the abandoned yard directly. The news that Ling Sheng got was that there was a fire in the abandoned field. He thought An Xin and Ling Yue were both dead. Ling Sheng heard his father still yelling Ling Yue’s name in the hospital bed. He believed in Ling Yue’s abilities since childhood. He and Yang Hong together transferred Ling Yue’s shares to his own hands. Regardless of their life or death.

An Xin brought Ling Yue to the house of her old friend, Fifth Brother, and Fifth Brother would help them deal with Allen. An Sheng was also very uncomfortable after returning home. She was in a daze and asked Yang Hong if she was still dissatisfied with her current life. Yang Hong was shocked, but An Sheng told them that he would not continue to manage the company after going abroad. Yang Hong called Yu Guo and couldn’t get through, so he called Allen. Allen told her not to contact again. Suddenly Chairman Gu came in and he asked for a partnership equity certificate. Yang Hong just gave him it, but he had no impression. , Looking unconscious, Yang Hong refused to go to the hospital for an examination.

Doctor Xiao and Ai Li changed various routes to avoid tracking to find An Xin and Ling Yue. Ling Yue already had a plan. An Sheng called his mother, Yang Hong, to the room alone to talk. He recalled his childhood life. No matter what happened, he believed that Yang Hong was for their good, but he was a little excited when he said that An Sheng made Yang Hong stop. It’s too late to stop. Yang Hong couldn’t figure out what he was talking about. An Sheng had no choice but to say that it was the transfer of assets, but Yang Hong said that he was just changing the company’s property. It’s no big deal.

An Xin and Ling Yue didn’t sleep in the room all night waiting for the sunrise. They felt like they were left behind. An Xin said that there is nothing better than this when we live together, and Ling Yue also said that we won’t be separated again in the future.

Ling Sheng took out the equity transfer letter signed by Ling Yue at the shareholders meeting. The shareholders were puzzled as to why they would transfer their shares to Ling Sheng. Ling Fang also agreed to Ling Yue to cooperate with him in acting. Ai Li ran downstairs to the company and punched Ling Sheng to make everything look more realistic. Ling Fang also planned to let Ling Sheng replace Allen by his side.

Ling Sheng took the flowers to find Xin’er. Xin’er was looking out the window in a daze. She told Ling Sheng that she had emptied all the contact information for Ling Yue, making him disappear as if he had never been here before. Ling Sheng took this opportunity to propose marriage like Xiner. Xiner was shocked but also very happy, and agreed to Ling Sheng’s marriage proposal.

After returning home, Xin’er and An Sheng said that although they were hostile to An Xin, she was also half of the family. She didn’t want An Xin to have something to do. An Sheng was very happy to hear about it, because he didn’t want his two sisters to call back and forth every day. Xiner told An Sheng about Ling Sheng’s marriage proposal. An Sheng knew what the consequences of Ling Sheng would be, so he persuaded Xin Er not to be too anxious, but Xin Er not only refused to listen, but said that An Sheng was not qualified to talk about how to measure feelings.

Brother Fifth had already inquired that Ling Sheng had rescued the Allen family, so he should not be too underestimated. Ling Sheng became the president of the Ling Group at the meeting by virtue of the shares that Ling Yue transferred to him, and Ling Fang also pretended to agree with him to make him proud. The fifth elder brother and his group tied Allen up, and Ling Yue took his mobile phone to give Ling Sheng his death certificate, and Ling Sheng believed it.

An Xin and Ling Yue sat on the beach and talked together. In the evening, Ling Yue borrowed the fifth brother’s supermarket to take An Xin to stroll around freely. An Xin wanted to eat hot pot, but the hot pot base material expired within an hour. It would be too late, so Ling Yue directly put on the table in the supermarket and started hot pot. The two of them ate hot pot and drank slightly, very happy, very happy.

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