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Thousand Hands of Guan Yin Shrine (Ang Sila), Chonburi, Thailand

Thousand Hands of Guan Yin Shrine (Ang Sila), Chonburi, Thailand

Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva Shrine. It is also known as Phra Mae Kuan Yin or Chao Mae Kuan Yin. according to Mahayana beliefs There are many people who respect each other. Even if he is a Buddhist, Hinyan, in the Thai style, he also respects Kuan Yin. Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara or Phra Mae Kwan Yin, there are many poses together. One of the most popular Pang that is built in the present is Pang Pannet Phanakorn.

The history of this Goddess Guan Yin Pang is well known and must not be mentioned again. Shrine of the Goddess Guan Yin Pannet Thousands in a small alley In contrast to Viharn Thep Sathit Phra Kiti Chalerm (Naja Tai Zhi Shrine), but as far as I have noticed, not many tourists enter this alley. Today, we come to park in front of Thep Sathit Phra Kiti Chalerm. (Naja Tai Zhi Shrine), so we walked in and tried it. The distance from the alley is only 50 meters, but almost no buildings are visible. until I walked in and met with the shrine of Guan Yin with a very spacious area that was different from the entrance.

Surrounding area, besides the shrine of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva in the posture of a thousandfold It also consists of a Mahayana temple of gods, such as a spot for paying respect to the sky and the earth, with tall pillars and dragons wrapped around the pillars as if to rise up into the sky gracefully.

Hok Tek Pae Kong Shrine It is a temple of the gods on the right hand side. (facing the Goddess of Guan Yin Shrine), the same level as the area to pay respect to the sky.

Heng Jia Shrine or popularly known as the godfather of Heng Jia He is a god with all-round abilities. It is very revered by the general public, especially the Chinese and the Mahayana Sect. It’s on the right side on an elevated base.

Cai Sing Yee Shrine. It is a god of fortune that is highly respected by many people. This deity is therefore present in various places. Many, even in Thai temples, there are some as well. One of the temples that created the god Cai Sing, and many people traveled to pay respect to one such temple is Wat Phanan Choeng, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya. The Cai Shen Ye Shrine is on the same level as the Heng Jia God Shrine. Facing each other, there is a path leading to the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara Shrine. or the Goddess of Mercy in the middle.

Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara Shrine After taking a tour of the Kuan Yin Shrine with many other gods around And this time, we will go to pay homage to Mae Kuan Yin in Pang Pannet Pangkorn. Kuan Im Shrine is built to stand out in the middle of a wide courtyard. covered with red ground as seen.

Double dragon roof is the principle of building a shrine or may be called a temple of the gods. It will consist of a pair of dragons at the top of the roof and is always beautifully built.

Guan Yin Goddess It is enshrined in a beautiful shrine, spacious inside with incense burners to worship the Goddess of Mercy outside. Inside is a place for worshiping and chanting the chanting of Kuan Yin.

Guan Yin Shrine Gate After worshiping Guan Yin, this time we will take a tour of the surrounding area. In this Guan Yin Shrine, there is a very spacious area. You can take a car in. You can go through this arch and find a comfortable place to park. After all, if the parking lot in front of Viharn Thep Sathit Phra Kiti Chalerm (Na Ja Tai Chue Shrine) filled with people to park in this place, pay respect to the goddess Guan Yin and walk to the Viharn Thep Sathit Phra Kiti Chalerm (Naja Tai Zhi Shrine) is not very far from each other. I have made merit at both places as well.

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