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The day when Su Jia’s silly child was born

The day when Su Jia’s silly child was born (Novel)
Other Name: 苏家傻儿出生那日

Genre: novel, Martial Arts
Author: Baili Lobster
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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The male and female protagonists are Su Mo and Xi’er’s male-frequency novel “The Day the Su Family Was Born”. The original name is “The Great God Lord”. The novel is carefully created by the author Baili Lobster. The plot content revolves around the owner. The content outline: Su Mo As the sole heir of the Su family, he was given high hopes from a very young age, but he did not expect that a aptitude test would directly turn him from the favored son of heaven to the waste of the Su family! Everyone ridiculed him and humiliated him, but no one knew that he was awakening the Heaven-defying Martial Spirit, and the humiliation and ridicule of those people became the driving force for him to cultivate hard, and one day he would let those people look at him. How did this person who was once considered a trash change his fate against the sky, standing on the top and overlooking the prosperous world!

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In fact, he found someone following him a few days ago, but he was not sure if anyone was following him in the past few days, so he stayed here and put down Su Mo, but he did not leave.

However, I didn’t expect that the person who followed was actually the ultimate god king, and the ultimate god king was actually protecting Su Mo.

“This kid, the method is extraordinary!” Shao Qing, the Great Elder Long Chang nodded secretly, with Su Mo’s method, maybe it can really come back.

Immediately, he didn’t stay much, turned and left.


Su Mo’s flight speed was not fast, and he was on the road while cultivating. It took nearly four months to reach the extremely empty city in the space-time realm.

In two months, he contacted the King of Human Deity once, and assured him that he would do his best to get the qualification to change the base of the God formation.

To get this qualification, you must be a disciple, and won the first place in the thousand elections.

The King of Human Virtue, although he does not have full confidence in his disciples, he will let his disciples try their best to fight for it.

The confidence of the King of Human Virtue is Ye Lingtian, one of the nine masters of God’s Domain, Ye Gongzi.

Su Mo can only tell Palace Master Rende about this, and do his best.

Extreme Sky City is extremely prosperous, and it has not changed much from the past, but the number of warriors is obviously more, and Su Mo swaggered into Extreme Sky City.

The hustle and bustle of the city shook the sky, and powerful warriors formed in droves.

“I heard that the Thousand Selections Campaign is less than five years away. I don’t know which Tianjiao can win the final victory?”

“This is unpredictable. The Nine Young Masters are all extremely talented, and there are many other eternal arrogances whose cultivation bases have reached the level of the Ninth Rank, which is more promising than the Nine Young Masters.”

“The Gongsun son of the Eternal Temple has great hopes!”

“I have never understood why these big forces are vying for the right to change the formation, and what are the benefits?”

“You don’t understand, God’s Realm’s Eternal God Formation has a main base, and the forces that arrange the base can connect the main base to its own territory. The future resources are not comparable to other regions.”

In the extremely empty city, the noisy voices will go up and down, but most people are discussing the matter of changing the base of God’s Domain.

Because this concerns everyone. After the formation is replaced, the resources and aura of God’s Domain will be greatly improved.

Because the Thousand Election War is coming, even the turmoil caused by Su Mo and Long Teng some time ago has been covered up.

“That’s it!” Su Mo walked on the street in the city, listening to countless noisy voices in his ears, and he also solved a lot of doubts in his heart.

He strode forward, without stopping, towards the entrance of the city of time and space.

Soon, Su Mo came to the bottom of the city of time and space, above the open space that was like a huge square, looking around, there were countless crowds pressed by the black.

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