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Leng Yan Wife’s Flower Guardian Long Son-in-law

Leng Yan Wife’s Flower Guardian Long Son-in-law (Novel)
Other Name: 冷艳老婆的护花龙婿

Genre: novel, Martial Arts
Author: Yifan Small Snail
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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The protagonist is Su Chen and Mu Ruoxi’s romantic novel “The Leng Yan Wife’s Flower Guarding Dragon Son-in-law”. The author of this novel is “Yi Fan Xiao Jing”. The main content is: Su Chen accepted the master’s death He went down the mountain. Originally, he went down to protect his goddaughter, but he didn’t think that his goddaughter had not been born yet, so since the child was not born, he could only turn around to protect his daughter’s mother, Mu Ruoxi, just this high coldness. It seems that the president does not welcome his arrival at all. Although he knows that he may be very strange in the eyes of this woman, Su Chen still has the ability to protect her! Since Mu Ruoxi didn’t believe him, then he used his strength to prove that he was a capable person!

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“Hahahaha, two fools, they are really dumb!”

Not long after Mu Ruoxi left, Mu Yungang received the report.

The relatives of Mu’s family have not left yet, and several juniors are surrounded by Mu Yungang’s office at the moment, suddenly strange.

“Why Yun Gang is so funny?”

“If there is anything good, share it with a few brothers too!”

As soon as Mu Yun put down his phone, his smiling face twitched, “You guessed it? Mu Ruoxi, a fool, went to Yuntong Group directly after the meeting!”

Hearing this sentence, those few people laughed wildly, breathless.

“I went without preparation? She went like this, who can take care of her?”

“That’s right, we entrusted the relationship to submit carefully prepared cooperation materials, and no one saw us!”

“I heard that she is still driving the old BMW that you eliminated ten years ago? Yuntong Group’s unwritten regulations, to talk about cooperation, the car is less than one million, and the security guards are not allowed to enter the parking lot. !”

Mu Yungang was very proud, he was really afraid of Mu Ruoxi’s tricks before.

After all, Su Chen said so much, and vowed to make a wish.

But now I see that this is a medical emergency.

“I don’t think she understands these rules at all, let her bump into the nails and hand over the company to Yun Gang!”

“Before the Mu family gave her the company to run, she took advantage of the good market conditions these years, the company took advantage of the trend, really thought it was her own credit?”

Listening to these rainbow farts, Mu Yungang smiled: “When the company is taken back, I am the president, and you all come to work with me!”

Yuntong Group.

Looking at the magnificent building in front of her, Mu Ruoxi was full of awe.

An independent compound, several office buildings, and an independent parking lot all made Mu Ruoxi breathless.

“Su Chen, let’s go back…”

Mu Ruoxi flinched a little.

“What are you doing?”

A security guard came over and glanced at Mu Ruoxi’s car, his eyes filled with disdain.

“We belong to the Mujia Group. Come here to discuss cooperation.”

Mu Ruoxi said bitterly.

“Is there an appointment?”

The security asked.

“This…not yet. Which department should we contact to make an appointment?”

It was the first time that Mu Ruoxi had talked about cooperation with such a high-end group, and she acted like a little white.

The security sneered: “Let’s go without an appointment.”

After speaking, she ignored Mu Ruoxi.

“Oh, isn’t this Mu Ruoxi? Why, hit a nail? Didn’t go in?”

Mu Ruoxi was desperately trying to leave, suddenly a sarcasm voice came over.

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