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Secret Love Fleeing Wife: Wife’s Divorce Is Invalid

Secret Love Fleeing Wife: Wife’s Divorce Is Invalid (Novel)
Other Name: “My Fleeing Wife: Wife’s Divorce Is Invalid” No Ads for My Little Meng Wife, My Fleeing Wife: My Wife’s Divorce Is Invalid Doujinshi, 蜜爱逃妻:老婆离婚无效

Genre: novel, Modern romance
Author: Sentimental
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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“Honey Love Escaped Wife: Wife Divorce Invalid”. What kind of story will eventually happen to the two protagonists, Yu Nuo and Wang Luoyin, let us Let’s wait and see! She knew how hard it was when Yu Nuo entered UC, and she also relied on her own ability to climb onto this one. She has never shy away from capable and outstanding newcomers, as long as she has that ability, she is willing to train her

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She knew how hard it was when Yu Nuo entered UC, and she also relied on her own ability to climb onto this one. She has never shy away from capable and outstanding newcomers. As long as she has that ability, she is willing to train her.

“Boom boom boom…”

“Come in.”

“Hello, I’m looking for the supervisor.” The clear and melodious voice, about 1.68 meters tall, slender appearance, and beautiful face, isn’t that Wang Luoyin who came here.

“I am, you are Wang Luoyin, this is the leader of our planning department, she will make arrangements for you.” Now that people come, work, and there is no politeness or precepts. Only when you can do things is Yu Nuo treats his subordinates. Fundamental.

Wang Luoyin didn’t say anything, but obediently followed Xiao Dai out of the office, and came back after a while, “All arrangements have been made for her?”

“I said Mr. Yu, I think you can take all your worries about her aside. It’s easy for people to do things. Didn’t you say that she graduated from the Department of Finance? Why do I look like the Department of Omnipotence? Graduates, advertising, creativity, and design, she said all about it, and she is completely more professional than our specialists!”

Where is the talent, it is simply a genius! Xiao Dai can’t help worrying about her future. It’s really not easy for U&C to get a name here. Newcomers are so powerful. She has to fight for two years as a small team leader, let alone go further. .

Although Yu Nuo hadn’t seen it, the moment that Wang Luoyin walked into the office, that innate temperament and self-confidence was beyond everyone’s reach, as if she was born to be the best one, the kind that can scorn everything. Stance.

“Let her play freely. We can’t just fold other people’s wings just because they are too sharp. Be more confident, you are a senior.” Yu Nuo still comforted Xiao Dai, watching her all day long because of the pressure of promotion. People are haggard, and I really feel sorry for her.

There is another gossip going on in the toilet…

“Eh eh eh… have you seen the newcomer from the department?”

“I saw it, I was assigned to our group, it’s very beautiful and temperamental.”

“I’m not talking about this. She is wearing a Patek Philippe’s global limited edition, and her dress was designed by Italian Browns* Henney. My friend just went to Milan Fashion Week last week. I got a magazine from her office. What I saw here, and the perfume she used on her body, is also a limited edition of Chanel. I will wait for the salary this month to collect the money to buy it!”

“I heard that she had settled in the United States when she was in high school, and she has been completing her master’s degree there. You said she has such a good condition, what will she do when she returns to China? Although UC is also a small and well-known large company, after all, the country is better than us. Also, why did she choose here?”

“This is a good way to put it, maybe people’s hometown is here, and although our U&C is not the first in the country, at least City C can’t find the best company.”

“It’s fine for a typical white, rich and beautiful like her, even if she’s eating her old school, she can eat for several generations. How can the gap between this person and person be so big? Hey! I’m still struggling with my career. Well, I’m satisfied with the hope that one day I will get a promotion and raise my salary.”

“Okay, don’t be melancholy. If you have time to daydream, it’s better to go back to catch up on the project earlier, otherwise, let alone a promotion, it is almost the same as firing you.”

As soon as the two of them stepped out of the toilet with their front feet, Yu Nuo walked out with his back feet. Although Yu Nuo didn’t know much about luxury goods, he just heard it, but listening to the tone of what they said just now, you can know that it must be valuable.

The three things in her body are estimated to be able to match a full year’s salary of a recent employee, and may even be the salary of a white-collar worker for half a year. Even if she is committed to their UC, Yu Nuo is also very curious about why this Wang Luoyin is out of what?

Yu Nuo left after washing his hands. After there was no movement in the bathroom, a door of the bathroom opened again. Wang Luoyin walked out after stepping on thin high-heeled shoes.

The slender white jade hands were washing, looking at himself in the mirror with a satisfied smile, the smile was very coquettish, just like a blood rose with thorns.

“Boss, the newcomer said he has something to tell you, waiting outside the door.”

“Come in if you have something to do. Let people wait outside the door to be summoned and think we are bullying her, so quickly call her in.” In the afternoon, Wang Luoyin suddenly came to the office.

Wang Luoyin walked into the office generously and stood directly in front of Yu Nuo. After stepping on the high heels, he stood there with a height of over 1.7 meters and condescendingly said: “Director Yu, can I have more projects with each department? I can only stay for one month, I want to learn more.”

“Luoyin, you may be assigned to which department or even the president’s office in the future. At present, you only need to master the basics. In fact, there is a certain plan and tacit understanding among the team members for those projects. If you want Respect their opinions more with me, you can go to the project leader to talk about it.”

“Supervisor Yu, it’s not that I am arrogant, but I really want to master the essence of each department as much as possible. If I just let me do some of the most trivial things, I think my half-year rotation may be wasted.”

In vain! A recent employee of her was able to say such arrogant words, which really surprised Yu Nuo. When that person first joined the company, she didn’t start from the most basic, but she was good, and she wanted to participate in major events ever since.

Xiao Dai seemed to be a little bit strange, she might have expected her extraordinary when she first saw Wang Luoyin’s ability. And Xiaoli rolled her eyes at her behind her back, thinking to herself, “What kind of person is this! A little education, a little looks, a little figure is so arrogant.”

The tone of speech is a bit too arrogant. I heard Xiao Dai’s ability to do things. It’s just that the rules set by this company cannot be changed casually by her little supervisor. “Since you are a recent employee, you should follow The company has set the rules for you. If you really stick to your own ideas, you can go directly to the HR manager and say that I don’t have this right.”

Wang Luoyin smiled. Although elegant, he secretly said: “Director Yu is indeed a cautious person, so I should discuss it with the project team leader. I will go out first.”

Yu Nuo nodded and frowned as he watched Wang Luoyin’s proud back. It has become the focus of everyone’s discussion when he first joined the company. It is not a good thing for a newcomer to be so sharp.

Xiaoli’s landline suddenly rang, “Hello, this is the UC Planning Department, okay.” Xiaoli hung up, “Boss, is your landline not set up? Xiaozhou in the secretary room called and said that the president is looking for you. “

Wang Luoyin who walked to the door just heard it, but after a short pause, he opened the door casually and walked out.

Yu Nuo checked the phone, and the line was loose again… Every time when he called upstairs, Yu Nuo was very nervous. He didn’t go to his office for a while, but only occasionally sent an email, which was also from the company. I don’t know what’s going on this time.

“President, what can I do?”

“You can take a look at this document briefly, if you are interested, I can arrange for you to go.”

Yu Nuo took over, the 50th Corporate Representative Seminar! “You should be qualified to travel this trip as the president, don’t you think it seems a bit of a bad name for me to travel together?”

“Secretary or assistant is fine.”

“But I am not a secretary or assistant of U&C, just a small department head.”

“Those people don’t know.”

“But everyone in the company knows that I thank you for giving me this opportunity, but I still want to say that if you really want to create opportunities for me in the future, please don’t be so high-profile. I don’t like it.”

“But you should also know how rare an opportunity like this is. If you miss it once, you don’t necessarily have a second time.”

“I’m not in a hurry. Besides, going abroad for a month is just a big issue in terms of time. You know my situation. My father is in the hospital during the treatment period, and my mother is alone at home, work, or hospital. Running around, do you think I can rest assured?”

“I can help you solve these problems, you just need…”

“no need!”

Yu Nuo decisively refused. It was hard to persuade his father to be hospitalized. At this time, if Gu Xiangsi showed up, something big would happen. The doctor said that his negative state of mind is the most important now, and he can no longer be stimulated.

“There is still half a month left, you can think about it again.” Gu Xiangsi actually wanted to take her along, and didn’t want her to miss this opportunity. In Gu Xiangsi’s view, what Yu Nuo said was not a reason at all, because she should know that he was fully capable of doing everything for her.

“I want to do it step by step, hope you can understand me.”

Gu Xiangsi stared at the promise for a long time, and finally compromised, “Okay! I understand you. In fact, you should know that as long as you are willing to expose to me, I can never refuse you. Your stubbornness will only make yourself suffer in the end. .”

“If there is nothing wrong, I will go downstairs.”

“One more thing, regarding SNOW WORLD, since all floors have been opened, I will arrange the ribbon-cutting ceremony the day after tomorrow. Qin Ming and Nangong Xi will attend. I still respect your own decision whether you go or not.”

She Yu Nuo didn’t do anything to be ashamed of them. Moreover, this mall spent most of her efforts. It is unreasonable to let others take the credit, “I’ll go!”

“Okay! Nothing else, go and work.” This is like Yu Nuo in his memory, with his own pride and self-confidence, facing everything is so free and easy.

The ringtone of the phone suddenly interrupted Gu Xiangsi’s thoughts, “What’s the matter? The company has been busy recently. When I finish my work, I will go back to see you. Okay, then take care of your body.” Hang up the phone. , Swept away the happiness just now, and started to process the file blankly.

Wonderful commentary on “My Fleeing Wife: Wife Divorce Invalid

The author (sentimental) is very pitted. Every time the article is about to solve the VIP, he will jump out and write a few chapters, apologize to the readers, and give a reason. What divorce? What are you busy dating? After not knowing the reader’s forgiveness, I waited for a few days to reappear, and then stopped updating! ! ! Then in a few months you don’t want to see her anymore. It has been a couple of years since “My Fleeing Wife: Wife’s Divorce Invalid” has been written, at least three or four years, and only more than 100 chapters have been changed. And it’s pitted now. I don’t know why this time. Have a baby? Be careful! ! ! !

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