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A man dressed as a woman for 18 years, I was exposed by my senior sister

Xuanhuan: A man dressed as a woman for 18 years, I was exposed by my senior sister (Novel)
Other Name: 玄幻:男扮女装18年,我被师姐曝光了

Genre: novel, Fantasy
Author: Big Tomato
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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“Fantasy: A Man Disguised as a Woman for 18 Years, I Was Revealed by a Senior Sister” hits hotly. The protagonist of the book is Zhang Fan. The exciting content of the book includes: a lightning bolt to send Blue Star’s humble worker Zhang Fan to travel After acquiring the Golden Finger system in the world, he thought he could start a legendary journey of cultivating peerless magical arts, and he thought he could live the legendary life of marrying the lord of the holy land of Yaochi and sitting on hundreds of thousands of female disciples in Yaochi.

As a result, after fusing the memories of the original body, he realized that he was actually a Yaochi mixed with men pretending to be women. For the sake of his own life and to obtain generous system rewards, Zhang Fan has been acting for eighteen years. When he thought he could continue to pretend, during a dress change, he was discovered by a senior sister from the same sect. !

Free Reading Highlights:

Since it is an ancient secret realm, dangers exist everywhere, and so are chances. The people of Hidden Sword Villa have encountered an ancient relic at this moment. There are monsters guarding this place, but the things in the secret realm are really attractive!

“It’s incredible, there are such strange things here!”

That light, that breath, absolutely can’t be wrong!

“How are you exploring around? There are no other holy places, right?”

Jixue asked the entourage. In fact, she was not familiar with these people. Normally, he was like an iceberg beauty. No matter who he treated, he looked so cold that he didn’t have any friends, but he thought it was nothing. Only the sword is enough!

In addition to the name of “Sword Infantry”, the name of “Bingshan Beauty” has been spread more widely.

“Report to Senior Sister, we have already searched carefully, only we are here!”

They are now in the hinterland, still in the territory of a big demon, they escaped the investigation by using secret methods!

“According to the record, a team once came here, and it was unsuccessful, but the method of breaking into the formation has been remembered here!”

Ji Xue took out the ancient book. Although it was a bit vague, it was barely visible.

“It says that we need to use the elements to open the door… Wait, we need to kill these giant beasts?!”

Everyone took a deep breath. The lowest cultivation level of these monsters has reached the late stage of the foundation construction period, and their highest cultivation level is only the master sister. The peak of the foundation construction period is the cultivation base, but the construction The monster beast at the peak of the base period is not absent here!

How could it be so easy to hunt these monsters to capture the elemental cores in their bodies? In other words, it’s a delusion at all!

“What? Are you afraid? If you are afraid, it doesn’t matter, I can do it alone.”

As cold and domineering as always, as if everything should be done, she does have such strength!

“Sister, should we think about it again? This place is still too dangerous for us!”

This is very relevant, but for Ji Xue, there is no such concern at all!

“Okay, then! I don’t blame you, you just need to guard the surroundings for me, the magic circle that seals the breath, must not stop!”

This is what she is most worried about. These monsters are nothing to her, the only thing to pay attention to is the big monster here!

Why does he keep guarding here? Obviously, it came for the ruins here, but it doesn’t know the mystery of this place, otherwise I am afraid that they would have started it long ago. This is equivalent to picking peaches, of course, they have to be more cautious!

“This…” Everyone was silent. It’s not that they don’t want to help. They take it personally. It’s too dangerous. It’s very likely to fall here. If nothing else, at least they will help the master sister’s hind legs!

But the elder sister said so, they are not easy to shirk, just maintain a formation!

“Don’t worry, Master Sister, leave it to us!”

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