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Use For My Talent 我親愛的小潔癖 Episode 24 End Recap

Regarding the unhappiness between them before, it is the hero who is very happy to say that he will not blame the past, and only hope that Shuangjiao will be happy in the future. Let Gu Renqihe be Shuangjiao to offer her mother a cup of tea, Gu Renqi is Shuangjiao. The mother swears in front of her spiritual position that she will take good care of the double pride, which draws the double pride and misses her mother, holding it is the hero crying, and the hero takes the double pride into the hands of Gu Renqi as a father. Instructed to take good care of his daughter.

In the evening, Junjie took Zhu Yan back home, and had dinner with Shuangjiao and Gu Renqi. It was the hero who was satisfied with Shuangjiao, but he was relieved, but he was worried that it was a matter of Junjie. It is a great country of Jun. But the hero has always treated Zhu Yan as his daughter. Now the children are finished, only Zhu Yan’s lifelong event is left. It is the hero who has acted as a matchmaker and introduced the next door Lu Xian to Zhu Yan. It was Junjie who was so frightened that he quickly stood up and excitedly opposed it. It was the hero who was stunned. He didn’t understand what Junjie had to oppose. It was the Shuangjiao who quickly took Gu Renqi away. I believe that Zhu Yan and Junjie can Deal with your own problems yourself.

It was Shuangjiao who prepared a surprise for Gu Renqi. On a bridge full of flowers, Shuangjiao pulled Gu Renqi to make a wish, wishing Gu Renqi a happy birthday, and Shuangjiao promised to accompany Gu Renqi in the future. After every birthday in his life, Gu Renqi was very moved. This was the best gift he received.

When Gu Renqi recovered and returned to the company, he was welcomed by everyone. In these days when Gu Renqi ceased to be a double pride, it was obvious to all. Naturally, he gained a lot of praise. Li Dongxian wanted to do what he wanted to do. After the matter resigned, Gu Renqi agreed and asked Li Dongxian to treat the company as his home forever and come back anytime.

After Gu Renqi and Shuangjiao officially held hands, Gu Renqi also confessed that he had a girlfriend, which made Shuangjiao angry because she had never had any boyfriends. Gu Renqi deliberately teased Shuangjiao. ‘S girlfriend is just a robot cleaner.

After Li Dongxian resigned, he protected Wang Qianqian full-time and took Wang Qianqian to learn to ride horses. Li Dongxian has always been a very dull life, afraid that understanding Wang Qianqian’s mind makes her unhappy, so I told Wang Qianqian in advance that if he has any requirements, he can just say that he will also Do my best, but don’t let him guess. Wang Qianqian couldn’t help laughing when seeing Li Dongxian being so honest, and she loved Li Dongxian more from the bottom of her heart.

When Gu Renqi was completely healed, Lu Xian said goodbye to the two, thinking it was time to leave for the United States, and exhorting Gu Renqi to take good care of it was a double pride, and don’t make her feel sad. And what Lu Xian has done these days is that Shuangjiao and Gu Renqi are full of gratitude. Seeing that Lu Xian was about to leave, Shuangjiao’s heart was reluctant. He told Lu Xian to find his lover and returned the power bank to Lu Xian. The meaning of this power bank is to give it to his lover. I hope Lu Xian can give it to his beloved. woman.

Gu Renqi designed an ingenious marriage proposal, deliberately letting Shuangjiao go to work on the grassland, where there is only one hot air balloon, so that Shuangjiao mistakenly thought that he was cleaning the hot air balloon, but he found Gu Ren just as he went up. Qi was also above, and the hot air balloon rose slowly. Gu Renqi knelt in front of him and proposed to Shuangjiao, promising that he would always hold the hands of Shuangjiao and never separate.

Shuangjiao also promised that no matter whether Gu Renqi is still that little clean fetish, she will love him as always, because he belongs to her little clean fetish. Gu Renqi held the hands of Shuangjiao, the two looked into the distance, and the hot air balloon flew into the distance. In Gu Renqi’s heart, Shuangjiao was also a little sloppy as always, and he loved this little sloppy as always.

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