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Please Feel at Ease Mr. Ling 一不小心捡到爱 Episode 20 Recap

An Sheng played the violin sadly at home and recalled what An Xin and Ling Yue had said, and felt that there was some truth. Xin’er came over to An Sheng for a drink. By coincidence, Ling Yue called An Sheng to meet with him to discuss cooperation, and Xin’er wanted to stop another one. After leading An Sheng out, use An Sheng’s cell phone to send a message to Ling Yue and ask him to meet in the school auditorium.

When Ling Yue arrived at the auditorium the next day, Gu Xin’er actually locked all the doors of the auditorium. Ling Yue had to leave as soon as she saw Xin’er, but she not only locked the doors, but also blocked the signals. No matter how Xin’er said to herself, Ling Yue ignored her and kept looking for an exit. It turned out that the photo Anxin saw before was a misunderstanding, but it was a prank by Ling Fang. Ling Yue has always insisted on his position and expressed his attitude towards Anxin. And Xiner is just a respectable friend for him, nothing more.

Many people in the company couldn’t reach Lingyue, so Ai Li called Anxin, and Anxin couldn’t reach Lingyue either. But An Xin knew where Ling Yue had gone when she thought of the anniversary invitation. Before Ling Yue had installed positioning on each other’s mobile phones, An Xin looked at the positioning and found the small auditorium. The two people embraced each other instantly, and the previous misunderstanding was also All lifted. When An Xin saw Gu Xin’er, she knew that all this was done by her, but An Xin would not choose to give in again. She also warned Gu Xin’er to live their own lives well in the future, and she would love Lingyue seriously.

After An Xin and Ling Yue left, Ling Sheng rushed over. He comforted Xin’er. He didn’t expect Xin’er to say that she still hated Ling Yue and An Xin at first, but when he came, he felt relieved. , I am also very grateful to Ling Sheng, and Ling Sheng also clarified that nothing happened that night of drinking, and he would not take advantage of others.

Ling Yue told An Xin that he was looking for An Sheng to discuss cooperation, and had already figured it out clearly. The two were driving home when they suddenly received a call saying that Chairman Ling had a stroke and fainted, and the two rushed to the hospital. After arriving at the hospital, the patient’s condition was stable, but he still hadn’t fully awakened. The shareholders of Ling’s family were always concerned about work, and they also invited Chairman Ling’s lawyer. They had already signed an emergency delivery letter to the company. All the affairs of her must be entrusted to Ling Yue, and An Xin, let him rest assured, it is enough to have her here.

Yang Hong had been waiting for Jiang Tao in the underground parking lot, and told him not to say anything and let this matter fall to the sea.

Ling Yue had a nightmare again. When dreaming about things in the sea, he would still be afraid. An Xin wanted to take him for a walk. The two of them came to the aquarium, but the security guards said that the area was not allowed to enter the aquarium. Ling Yue sneaked in, showed him the animals in the sea, and made a wish to the devil fish, letting Ling Yue completely open his mind.

When Ling Yue came to An Sheng’s house, An Sheng thought that Ling Yue had no good intentions. He did not expect that he was here to discuss cooperation. The two of them opened their hearts and said what they should say, and decided to work together. No matter what, this is the best one at the moment. A good way, Ling Yue took the initiative to stretch out his hand to shake hands, expressing the idea that he didn’t want to cause harm to either party, and they shook hands to make peace.

An Xin is doing design at home, and I am very happy to see the information on the cooperation between Gu’s Group and Newwell on the mobile phone.

Xin’er was waiting for Ling Sheng in the coffee shop. Ling Sheng prepared a surprise for him and told Xin’er all the things she had done for Xin’er over the years and the places she had visited. She was very moved and Ling Sheng confessed in tears. He also brought the gift Xiner gave him many years ago. Even though it was originally given to Ling Yue, he cherished it very much. It was a pair of shoes. Ling Sheng had been reluctant to wear it. Xiner agreed to Ling Sheng’s confession. Individual hugs together.

Dr. Xiao has always been puzzled why his mentor Jiang Tao would do such a thing. He is his most important mentor. He was drunk at home and called Ling Yue to complain. Ling Yue and Ai Li went to see together. He, but because Ling Yue had a job, Mo Li stayed to take care of him. Ai Li persuaded him, but Doctor Xiao confessed to Ai Li through Jiujin, and Ai Li also promised him to be with him. Dr. Xiao woke up early the next morning, and forgot what happened yesterday…

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