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Please Feel at Ease Mr. Ling 一不小心捡到爱 Episode 19 Recap

After taking a shower, An Xin came out to blow her hair and danced with music, but she didn’t expect Ling Yue to come back. Watching An Xin bounce from behind, An Xin looked back and was startled. Although An Xin was a little embarrassed, Ling Yue gave herself After bringing breakfast, An Xin explained that she was exercising.

Gu Xiner recalled what Ling Sheng said to herself, and they were delivered by express. It turned out that it was the fruits and flowers that Ling Sheng had ordered long ago, as well as the daily messages. The planning projects sent by the employees were also Ling Sheng every day. The photos of Xin’er I took were very careful, and Xin’er was also touched.

Ling Yue has signed contracts with all the bosses to invest. The Ling Xiao plan has been officially implemented. He was too busy to see Ling Yue with a lunch box. Ling Yue was jealous when he heard that Bento was An Xin when he was a child and learnt with An Sheng, but still Very heartwarming, Ling Yue was feeling nervous and uneasy about his plan, but Anxin comforted him as a lucky star.

On the second day, Ling Yue saw the press conference held by Ansheng and proposed the Anxing plan, which was exactly the same as Lingxiao’s plan. Ling Yue immediately held an emergency meeting. The company had already lost 200 million yuan. Many investors chose to withdraw their capital, and Newwell was facing serious problems. Crisis, and the company’s shareholders are still holding Lingyue’s responsibility, but Lingyue will not give up Newwell.

An Xin listened to You You’s words about this, the source may be the Gu family, and it was very uncomfortable in her heart. Ling Yue was also publicly insulted by many people and blocked the door of the company. An Xin went to find her brother An Sheng. At first An Xin didn’t believe it. It turned out to be An Sheng.

An Xin wondered why his brother wanted to do this, but An Sheng said that if Ling Yue hadn’t appeared, the person standing next to her might be him. An Xin can only persuade him not to be arrogant. An Sheng immediately called Ling Yue. The two of them instigated him for a long time. They were very uncomfortable, and Ling Yue could only throw the cup when he was angry.

At the e-commerce summit, Gu Ansheng was introducing the Anxing plan. Suddenly Ling Yue appeared and stated that Newwell would fully support the Anxing plan. The reporters asked questions. Ling Yue did not attack the Anxing plan. Ansheng asked why Ling Yue did this. However, Ling Yue warned An Sheng not to be happy too soon.

It turned out that Mr. Liu did not tell Anson that the 5G plus logistics warehouse project was Newwell. This was also guessed by Ling Yue. Ling Yue seized this loophole and took advantage of this and turned defeat into victory. At this time, Gu Ansheng was really fooled, and the Gu Group was also sued, and Mr. Liu could not be contacted.

Gu Ansheng was besieged by reporters and could only stay in a hotel. Xiner went to An Xin when she knew about it. An Xin didn’t know about it at this time, but Xin Er attributed all of this to An Xin. Responsible, he called An Sheng without answering, so he sent him a message.

And that President Liu went to meet a mysterious person secretly, it turns out that there was someone instructing him behind all this.

After Ling Yue went home, An Xin asked him what happened. The two actually quarreled. Ling Yue was also very angry and An Xin was helpless. Why had it been so long? Ling Yue still couldn’t fully believe in himself.

An Xin came to Dr. Xiao’s hospital for an examination. She accidentally discovered that Dr. Xiao actually had the archives of Maria Hospital. It turned out that it was the first hospital where Dr. Xiao practiced. An Xin told him about her. It turned out that the original paternity test was Dr. Xiao’s. Teacher, Jiang Tao did, and Doctor Xiao promised to help Anxin investigate.

Dr. Xiao came to Dr. Jiang’s hospital and secretly checked his computer. An Xin’s information and some recordings were found in it. Although the process was a bit thrilling, it was fortunately not found.

Dr. Xiao told An Xin all this, and listened to the recording. It turned out to be Yang Hong’s ghost. Yang Hong threatened Jiang Tao to turn off the paternity test. Even Yu Guo’s inspection report was faked by her. Therefore, Yu Guo’s injury had nothing to do with An Xin. An Xin was very sad after hearing this, and she didn’t understand why she treated her this way.

An Xin went to Gu’s house to find Yang Hong and asked about these things, but Yang Hong didn’t say it, but he also showed a different look. An Xin also warned Yang Hong both inside and out.

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