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Waiting for the First Life

Waiting for the First Life
Other Name: 等一世琉璃白

Genre: novel
Author: Feiqing
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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Waiting for the First Life of Liuli Bai” was written by the Internet writer Feiqing, and finally ushered in a wonderful finale. What will the two protagonists like Li Zimo and Liao Feng have? Whether it is sadness or joy or happiness, these suspense will be revealed for you in the wonderful ending content of this chapter. Li Zimo glanced at Liao Feng and shrugged helplessly. He knows that all of what he is doing now has exceeded human cognition in the 21st century. But he didn’t intend to explain anything, but suddenly

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Li Zimo glanced at Liao Feng and shrugged helplessly. He knows that all of what he is doing now has exceeded human cognition in the 21st century. But he didn’t intend to explain anything, but suddenly reduced the smile on his face, looked at Shu Zhen and said solemnly: “Here, look carefully.”

Seeing Li Zimo’s serious look, Liao Feng didn’t have the mind to investigate the truth of all this, but turned his eyes to the corpse on the ground.

The curse written by Li Zimo on the side of the corpse’s head was also glowing red at this moment. Gradually, Li Zimo’s blood turned into a blood mist, floating from the operation formation, and gradually condensed into a blood curtain.

An image soon appeared on the blood curtain. In the silent night, the deceased was walking alone on the empty street. Suddenly, a dark shadow sprang out from the corner and threw her down.

The deceased began to struggle violently, and the black shadow pressing her could see that it was very powerful, and it also had sharp fangs. After suppressing the deceased, the black shadow lowered his head and bit her neck.

As the consciousness of the deceased became blurred, the images on the blood screen began to blur. The last thing Liao Feng saw was that the dark shadow had black eyes. Those eyes were strange. They didn’t seem to have white eyes, and the dark black pupils were full of them. The whole eye looks terrible.

“This is, a vampire!” He said solemnly, sharp fangs and deep black eyes, these are the most basic characteristics of the blood family depicted in Liulibai’s novels.

They may have various eye colors when they disguise themselves, but when they return to their original form to suck human blood, their eyes will become dark black, which is darker than night.

Li Zimo was silent and did not speak, his eyes fell on the teeth marks of the deceased’s neck, thoughtfully.

He was suddenly so quiet, Liao Feng didn’t know what to say. If he refuted that he was not a vampire, he still had something to say, but he fell silent suddenly and the atmosphere became a little weird.

The magic formation on the ground began to slowly disappear at this time, and Liao Feng saw such a magical sight for the first time, and he was still a little bit unsatisfied.

“The clothes on the attacker are the uniforms of the Sherlock Handicraft Factory. Maybe you can find this person there.” Li Zimo suddenly spoke, but did not agree with or refute Liao Feng’s speculation, but gave a clue to himself.

Liao Feng was taken aback, and after thinking about it carefully, the assailant in the image was a bit vague, but if he saw that face, he should be able to recognize it, so he nodded.

Li Zimo stood up, smiling again on his face, “Then, let’s go to the factory tomorrow to check.”

“Do you think he was the only one who committed the crime? Don’t you use this spell on other corpses?” Liao Feng frowned suspiciously. Although he said that he should be arrested as soon as possible with clues, he always felt that there was more than one murderer.

“In terms of timeliness, the other three corpses are no longer able to perform this spell, so let’s catch this person first. If he can be physically tested, I think I will find something very interesting.” Li Zimo said At this, a light of interest appeared in the black eyes, as if he had already determined that something could be found on the murderer’s body.

The police officers who were called to guard the warehouse put the body back to the original place, and the two walked out of the warehouse one after another. Li Zimo didn’t invite Liao Feng to get into the car without a gentleman’s invitation, but smiled at him and walked away.

Early the next morning, soon after Liao Feng rose, Qin Kai informed him that Li Zimo had arrived.

He had told Qin Kai yesterday, so today Qin Kai and two other police officers will go with them to the factory in Sherlock’s hands to find the murderer. The four of them walked out the gate of the police station and saw Li Zimo’s car had been parked at the gate.

The prince driving the car today, Liao Feng ignored Xiao Nian sitting in the driver’s seat, always feeling that Li Zimo recruited child labor. Li Zimo’s limousine is very spacious, so the four of them will not appear crowded when they get in the car.

“Master, it’s a pity that I didn’t see your magical spells finished!” As soon as he got on the car, Qin Kai opened a pair of curious eyes, full of regret.

Li Zimo just smiled but didn’t answer. The golden sunlight penetrated through the window, shining on the strands of black silk, splashing a series of flowing gold, and the flowing gold flew to the corners of Li Zimo’s lips, staining his smile. Layer golden.

Sherlock’s handicraft factory is not too big or small in the local area, and it has a bit of reputation. The boss reportedly had a business relationship with Li Zimo, so they easily entered the factory to investigate.

There are a lot of workers in the factory. In order to solve the case as soon as possible, Liao Feng told the factory boss about the characteristics of the murderer, and the suspect was quickly identified. However, because the person had not come to work for three days, they had to visit the suspect’s home.

After successfully obtaining the address, Liao Feng found that the suspect’s home was very close to the scene of the first and last evil incident!

There was no need for the factory to investigate again, and several people got into the car and went straight to the suspect’s house. It was a small county on the outskirts of the city, a village where about a dozen households lived.

As soon as he reached the entrance of the village, Liao Feng noticed an unusually dangerous breath in the air. Before he could figure out what that breath was, a child suddenly screamed and ran towards them.

“Help! There are monsters!” The child with blood on his body screamed loudly.

Both Liao Feng and Qin Kai were taken aback. After they looked at each other, they immediately rushed into the village, and the police officer following Yamen immediately followed.

Li Zimo stood there and didn’t move, and the panicked child clamored for him to run over. He knelt down, rubbed the child’s head, and asked with a smile, “Is there a man named George in the village? Where is he?”

“In, in the woods behind the village. He brought the monsters. They, they have many people…it’s terrible!” The child paled in fright and said incoherently.

Li Zimo nodded, he had heard the screams coming from the village, and a dark iron-like cold color overflowed from the black eyes. With his feet moving, people have already rushed towards the forest behind the village.

He moves very fast. It is almost impossible to see with the naked eye. It surpassed Liao Feng, Qin Kai and others in an instant.

There was a strange smell in the air, and that smell made Li Zimo gradually frowned. The black hair was flying, cutting the sunlight, and drawing a beautiful light and shadow in the air.

He saw that Liao Feng and the others were fighting with a few guys who looked like vampires. Seeing that they didn’t seem to be under the wind, he didn’t stay in the woods after they went to the village.

Liao Feng drew out the knife he was carrying with the wind, and after quickly killing his opponent, he looked at the weird corpse on the ground in thought. He is not an “expert” like Li Zimo, and he can’t tell if the one they just worked so hard to kill is a vampire.


The voice sounded too tragic, and he could hardly imagine what was happening in the woods.

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