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The Eternal Love 3 双世宠妃3 Episode 2 Recap

The queen and Qu Xiaotan look very similar, but no one seemed surprised. The queen smiled when she saw Mo Liancheng. Qu Xiaotan was jealous and depressed in her heart. She quickly came out and said that Mo Liancheng was boring. The queen simply asked Mo Liancheng to show her dance. The sword convinced everyone. After Mo Liancheng was amazed by the four people, Qu Xiaotan took his sachet and said that his personal possession of the woman’s belongings was misbehaving. Mo Liancheng and Su Yuela quickly argued that Qu Xiaotan refused to forgive and hoped that the empress would remove Mo Liancheng from the name. The queen ordered Su Yuela to investigate the matter thoroughly.

Mo Liancheng’s draft had an accident that hurt the Mo family, and Father Mo wanted to copy male virtues every day. Qu Xiaotan knew that Mo Liancheng was framed by someone, she only added to the flames a little bit, and felt that this happened because the queen looked like her, and Jing Xin quickly stopped it. Jing Xin and Qu Xiaotan talked about the importance of a man’s innocence, saying that Mo Liancheng was more or less a monk than a pig cage.

Only then did Qu Xiaotan realize that he was playing big, and hurried to Mo Mansion. On the way, Qu Xiaotan stopped the carriage when he saw the cherry blossom trees on the side of the road. When Jing Xin reported that Qu Xiaotan had already started climbing the wall, no matter how many times she came, the one she loved was waiting for her on the other side of the wall. Qu Xiaotan started to climb the wall in his car. Mo Liancheng was copying books in the yard.

Qu Xiaotan called him to follow him, but he did not expect that Mo Liancheng would not catch her as always. Qu Xiaotan fell off the wall and took out the second half of Mo Liancheng’s words to say. At this time, Mo Yanchen saw Qu Xiaotan step forward eagerly, and Mo Yanchen said that Mo Liancheng knew the friendship between the two, and Qu Xiaotan was depressed again.

Mo Yanchen took Qu Xiaotan to see Father Mo in the main hall, and Jing Xin hurried back. Qu Xiaotan almost forgot that Father Mo was no longer the emperor, and almost couldn’t adapt. Qu Xiaotan expressed that he was willing to be responsible for Mo Liancheng. When Mo Yanchen was shocked, Mo Liancheng politely refused. Qu Xiaotan said that she would definitely help him restore his reputation. In order to help Mo Liancheng restore his reputation, Qu Xiaotan asked Jing Xin to find a storyteller to spread the glorious deeds of Mo Liancheng, and even compose children’s rhymes to spread throughout the streets and alleys.

Yu Hao summoned Qu Xiaotan and Su Yue into the palace according to the Queen’s order. Qu Xiaotan said that Mo Liancheng was framed. Tan and Mo Liancheng are naturally the most suspected show children. In order to protect Su Jingyuan, Su Yuela hurriedly stated that he did not need to try to restore Mo Liancheng’s reputation. Qu Xiaotan beat Su Yuela a lot, then turned and left.

Yu Hao told the queen that Su Yuela’s brother was suspected of committing the crime, and the queen decided to leave Su Yuela to deal with Su Jingyuan. Yu Hao thinks that Qu Xiaotan’s behavior in the hall that day should be just a misunderstanding, after all, she was very respectful to the queen on weekdays. Qu Xiaotan came to find Mo Liancheng, and Mo Yanchen was also there. Mo Liancheng had a bad face because of what Qu Xiaotan was doing on the street, and he was angry.

He saw her coming and left. Mo Yanchen asked Qu Xiaotan for tea, but Qu Xiaotan ran away with excuses. Mo Jingxuan quietly gave Jingxin a gift. After being discovered by Qu Xiaotan, he quickly grabbed and asked his thirteen brothers. He accidentally learned that many of them are twins. Mo Jingxuan also has an older sister. As for Mo Yihuai, Mo Jingxuan said that he was adopted to others when he was born. Qu Xiaotan then looked at Jing Xin, but Jing Xin said that she was only acquainted with Mo Jingxuan, not to mention that she had often made herself pay attention before.

In the middle of the night, Mo Liancheng went into the palace to meet the queen. Qu Xiaotan went directly into the palace after hearing that she was angry, so she wanted to see what she had to talk about in the middle of the night. When Qu Xiaotan entered the palace, seeing Mo Liancheng and the Queen holding hands, Mo Liancheng started to have a headache again, and his eyes suddenly changed when he looked at them. After Mo Liancheng left, he rushed to find Qu Xiaotan. Qu Xiaotan was very happy to find that he had become the real Mo Liancheng, but he didn’t know why Mo Liancheng pretended not to know her before, and was chattering about Shi Mo Liancheng endlessly. Kissed her again.

Soon Mo Liancheng didn’t know Qu Xiaotan again, and asked her to respect herself after recovery. Mo Liancheng did lose a few minutes of memory, but did not reveal it on the surface. Qu Xiaotan realized that Mo Liancheng might share the same body with Qu Tan’er as he did before.

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