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I Tame a Tyrant and Fled

I Tame a Tyrant and Fled (Manga)
Other Name: 폭군을 길들이고 도망쳐, 폭군을 길들이고 도망쳐버렸

Genres: webtoon
Yoo So Yi
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God gave me one more chance and I finally went back four hundred years. As soon as I realized the return, I decided to ‘so that no one has pride.’ destroying the country. So I raised the rare genius prince who lived in hiding before returning to become a tyrant with my own hands. “Everything will go as the Lady wills.” He devoured the empire for me, and when I reached my goal, I abandoned him and left. “I’m here to pick you up, Charlize Ronan.” Dylan, who became a complete tyrant a few years later, scoured the entire continent, not knowing how to find me. “Why did you tame him and run away?”

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