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Flourish In Time 我和我的时光少年 Episode 11 Recap

Jiang Haoyue received many gifts from female classmates. Qu Wei joked that she wanted them too. Jiang Haoyue gave him all the gifts, saying that if she accepts these gifts, some people will be unhappy. Qu Wei Fuzhi immediately understood in his heart, the person Jiang Haoyue was talking about was Lu Miao. Lu and Jiang went home from school and talked about the no-puppy love agreement.

They happened to be heard by Shi Che, who was passing by. Shi Che thought that Jiang Haoyue was deliberately embarrassing herself by asking Lu Miao to sign the no-puppy love agreement, so he went to the library the next day. She confronted it, thinking that Jiang Haoyue liked Lu Miao, and questioning this, Jiang Haoyue hesitated, saying that she was just Lu Miao’s brother.

Shi Che realized that Jiang Haoyue’s feelings for Lu Miao were not pure siblings, but Jiang Haoyue himself might not be fully aware of his feelings for Lu Miao, so he planned to take the lead when the two surpassed their siblings and their relationship had not yet developed. Start with one step. Chen Guoguo came across Su Daifei when he was buying milk tea. Originally, because of the campus party, Su Daifei had the image of a bad girl in Chen Guoguo’s heart. However, when he accidentally spilled the milk tea on the ground, So Daifei was very considerate to give it to With a napkin, Chen Guoguo was instantly moved by the goddess.

On the second day of school, Shi Che repeatedly disturbed Jiang Haoyue’s normal interaction with Lu Miao. Jiang Haoyue was very dissatisfied with his behavior and turned to leave. Lu Miao asked him why he did this. Shi Che persuaded Lu Miao with all his heart. He has a sibling relationship with Jiang Haoyue, but he should also pay attention to certain behaviors.

Lu Miao felt that this person was making troubles unreasonably. Lu Miao told Xie Ziye about a series of recent events, and Xie Ziye asked if he thought Jiang Haoyue wanted to be her brother lately? After reflection, Lu Miao also realized this problem, thinking it was because of his recent drop in test scores, which made Jiang Haoyue feel ashamed.

Xie Ziye felt a little speechless about Lu Miao’s simple thoughts, so he said frankly that maybe Jiang Haoyue liked her. Lu Miao was not commenting on this. The two were just pure brothers and sisters, and they had signed an agreement not to fall in love. It’s too likely to develop. However, even though the two grew up together, they could feel that Jiang Haoyue had a world of her own.

She had never been in this world before, and she had never understood it. Xie Ziye encouraged her that everyone has a world of their own and they don’t want to be disturbed. On the other side, Jiang Haoyue, because he did have some emotions beyond brothers and sisters towards Lu Miao, she didn’t know how to get along properly with brothers and sisters, so she asked Qu Wei about this matter. Qu Wei replied that the interaction between brothers and sisters should be The state where there is no gender difference.

Shi Che still cared very much about Jiang Haoyue and Lu Miao’s signing of a no-puppy love agreement, so he sought a solution online. After expert guidance, he decided to start with Lu Miao’s preferences and accumulate good impressions. After school the next day, he invited Lu Miao to read comics, but Lu Miao refused on the grounds that he wanted to review his homework with Jiang Haoyue. That night, Jiang Haoyue and Lu Miao went to buy a popsicle to eat after reviewing their homework. Lu Miao stupidly frozen her lips on the popsicle. Jiang Haoyue helped her breathe and thaw, watching her sister’s silly look, the teenager forgot his breath and heartbeat. .

Shi Che still didn’t give up starting with comics to win Lu Miao’s favor. However, Jiang Haoyue on the other side saw that her younger sister was doing her homework very hard recently, thinking that she should combine work and rest, so she took her to the bookstore to read comics. Lu Miao was very happy to see that his schoolboy brother was willing to read comics together.

After reading the comics and leaving the bookstore, Jiang Haoyue said to Lu Miao that she hoped she wouldn’t call her brother anymore, thinking that the name between brothers and sisters was too restrictive. The boy’s extremely cautious thoughts spread in his mind, and a little embarrassed, he explained in a flustered manner that the two were both classmates and neighbors, as well as siblings. If only siblings are called siblings, it is not enough to cover the relationship between the two. His classmate Xiaojiang.

Shi Che came to the bookstore to borrow comic books. He learned from the boss that Jiang Haoyue had brought Lu Miao to read the book for a long time the day before. He was surprised and angry at the same time. After sighing, I met Xie Ziye who returned the book by chance. Seeing the constellation book Xie Ziye had borrowed, Shi Che suddenly had an idea and thought that maybe he could use the constellation love matching book to attract Lu Miao’s attention.

After Lu Miao returned home, he was very interested in the constellation love match book given by Shi Che. It happened that Jiang Haoyue came to the house to help her with homework. After seeing this book, Jiang Haoyue took the opportunity to let Lu Miao dry the towel, and she I opened this book with great interest and manually changed some of the matching values.

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