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Hunter 猎狼者 Episode 6 Recap

As the name suggests, the mouth of the scissors looks like a forked mouth from a distance. It is located in a desolate location. There is only an auto repair shop and a barber shop with colorful lights all the year round. The auto repair brothers sat on the floor and set the price, only changing and not repairing them. The price of a tire was thousands of dollars.

Knife went to the barbershop to buy water, but was entangled by the charming proprietress, and after a while, he dropped the pistol in the backpack. After all, the proprietress was very knowledgeable and knew she would provoke a wolf. She just wanted to beg the other party to bypass her, but it was too late. Just as the knife ripped off the phone line to kill people, the auto repair brothers discovered that the fur goods in the rear compartment were becoming more and more rampant. They not only deliberately smashed the rearview mirror, but even quadrupled the price of the original tires.

The fox’s intent to kill was already up, and he and the six sons worked together to knock each other down. It happened that Wei Jiang and Qin Chuan came on horseback. They did not notice the wolf hiding behind the car, but knew that no one responded from the shop and the barber shop was dark. Seeing that Wei Jiang entered the store, the fox wanted to rush and be blocked by the six sons. Compared to the lives of the better brother, it seemed that killing Wei Jiang was more meaningful.

Qin Chuan and Wei Jiang rescued the proprietress at a critical moment, and they worked together to beat the knife and grab him. After receiving the call, Hua Fanzi rushed to the scissors mouth. As soon as he got out of the car, he raised his gun and fired at the barber shop, wishing to smash Wei Jiang’s body into pieces in return for killing her husband. The two parties were in a gunfight across the house, and they couldn’t tell a winner. The outside couldn’t get in, and the inside couldn’t get out.

At this time, the dust storm swept across the sky, and the sky was covered by clouds, and it instantly turned into dark night, only to fight to the death through the weak light. Originally, Wei Jiang wanted to take the opportunity to escape, but the other party’s bullet was too fierce. Not only was the boss’s wife injured her right leg, but even the knife was also seriously injured in her abdomen.

Huafanzi has been dazzled by hatred, no matter whether Wei Jiang wants to destroy the fur goods, Liuzi wanted to stop him, but Huafanzi’s questioning made him speechless. After all, the second brother Samu was his savior, and the six sons had a special affection for Huafanzi. Comparing the two, he finally chose to become a prisoner of emotions.

The fox was afraid that Huafanzi would provoke Wei Jiang and set fire to the goods, so she was not allowed to come close again. The three were in a stalemate, and Wei Jiang threw a fire at the fur goods. As the fire ignited, the car exploded and everyone present was knocked to the ground. After Hua Fanzi got up, he shot Wei Jiang’s horse in a rage, trying to force him to show up in this way

Hearing the wailing of horses, Wei Jiang wanted to rush out, but was stopped by Qin Chuan, because in his opinion, Hua Fanzi came here prepared, and if he rashly showed up, he would be dead. After seeing Wei Jiang not showing up for a long time, Hua Fanzi was furious, and finally pointed his gun at Zhao Cheng’s beloved horse. A dozen shots were heard. Wei Jiang’s mood almost collapsed, and he saw the picture of Zhao Cheng’s tragic death in a daze. . However, the same is true for Hua Fanzi. She still can’t forget how her second child died in Wei Jiang’s hands. This is a shadow she can’t get out of in her lifetime.

In the barber shop, the blood flow from the abdomen of the knife continued, and even if Qin Chuan tried his best to save it, he was still unable to recover. When Knife was dying, he felt that Qin Chuan was too kind as a policeman, and at the same time he decided to put an end to his sinful life, so he informed Qin Chuan of the next course of action of the wolves.

Because the drug harrier had already noticed something wrong, he informed the wolves in advance to bring the goods to Wusong Mountain, and they would meet at the Volga-style farmhouse at the foot of the mountain and divide the money. The knife fell slowly to the ground, his mouth open like a gossamer, as if he was still talking about an unknown secret. Wei Jiang leaned forward until after the knife died, the sandstorm dissipated and the sky became clear.

A few rays of sunset fell under the eaves, illuminating the anxiety and chaos in the room. Regardless of Qin Chuan’s objections, Wei Jiang insisted that Qin Chuan take his wife to leave, but he stayed with the money and became a hostage of the wolf. Even though Qin Chuan was unwilling, but as a policeman, he should shoulder the responsibility of protecting the people. Therefore, when he drove away, his heart was extremely sad. For the first time, he hated himself for being so incompetent, and finally realized that Wei Jiang had lost his partner. Really feel.

The car drove to a halfway stop, and the tires were badly damaged. It was obvious that Liuzi had deliberately buried nails in the soil. But at this time the six sons had no time to chase after him, because Wei Jiang controlled the real cause of Samu’s death. Long before the knife died down, it was revealed that the drug Harrier shot and killed Samu by taking advantage of the chaos, thus blaming Wei Jiang.

After all, Huafanzi is not an ordinary woman. No matter how deeply she hates Wei Jiang, she can’t conceal the bullet problem in Samu. At that time, Wei Jiang only carried a pistol, and the bullet model was from the caliber of the shotgun, and the position of the shot was misaligned. , So she had to suspect that the drug Harrier was the culprit.

In order to verify, Huafanzi saved Wei Jiang’s life, and waited until Wusongshan to confront him. That night, the fox stunned Wei Jiang, tied him to a wooden pole, and the poison harrier killed the sheep and made vegetables, preparing for a rich farewell banquet. The next morning, two corpses were thrown into the car and burned. An old car drove towards Wu Songshan with the dawn.

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