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Flourish In Time 我和我的时光少年 Episode 10 Recap

At lunchtime, Su Daifei sat down to the table where Jiang Haoyue was eating alone and took out a note, saying that she was unfamiliar with the string of words on it, hoping to get his help. Jiang Haoyue said Su Daifei’s class was the focus of liberal arts. Ben, there must be a lot of people who can help her solve this problem, and then she left with the plate indifferently.

During the rehearsal, Lu Miao and his group had differences again. As the main person in charge, Chen Guoguo saw that Lu Miao, Shi Che, and Xie Ziye were distracted or joking every time they rehearsed. They were not serious at all and were very angry. Lu Miao and others realized their problem afterwards and felt very sorry, so they found Guoguo and apologized, promising that they would be 100% serious in the next few rehearsals. A few good friends began to work hard for the next performance.

Chen Guoguo injured his waist during a rehearsal, but he insisted on bringing the injury to the stage. After Su Daifei learned of this, she deliberately removed the performances of Lu Miao’s group from the list. Jiang Haoyue accused her of changing the program list without authorization. Su Daifei was angry but resisted not showing it.

Lu Miao and others adjusted their performance positions due to the injury. Lu Miao was also trying his best to practice. Jiang Haoyue found her and said that no matter who said something to her, the hair tie was bought for her specially. , I hope she likes it. In the next few days, Jiang Haoyue accompanied Lu Miao to practice dancing on the rooftop of her house.

Time flies, the school’s New Year’s Day party began. Backstage, Su Daifei took out the tie she had prepared and wanted to wear it to Jiang Haoyue, but was refused. Jiang Haoyue took out Lu Miao’s hairpin and stuck it on her collar. Su Daifei sang her first song, and the song was full of her love for Jiang Haoyue. Even between singing, she didn’t forget to glance at Jiang Haoyue who was sitting next to her, but the Xueba never looked at her at all.

The party was in progress. Due to a sudden typhoon in the area, the school took into account the safety of the students and requested that the performance be ended as soon as possible. The HIGH SHOU performance of the Lu Miao group was deleted, and a lot of reasons were stated openly. Jiang Haoyue could not persuade the teacher, so she could only suddenly bring up the performance of the Lu Miao group when she was talking about the crosswords. He said that it would be the last show soon, and deleted the Lu Miao group.

Su Daifei told Jiang Haoyue behind the scenes that they hoped they could have a chat. Jiang Haoyue coldly said that it was extremely unreasonable for her to solve the problem by depriving others of the opportunity to perform, and the two had nothing to talk about. After the last show was performed, when the audience left, Jiang Haoyue suddenly rushed out to introduce the Lu Miao group’s show. When the opportunity came, Lu Miao and others quickly rushed to the stage to perform and won the warmest applause from the audience.

At the end of the New Year’s Day party, Su Daifei found Lu Miao and apologized, saying that she had lied about the last hairpin. She just happened to meet Jiang Haoyue in the supermarket, and she didn’t help him choose hairpins. As for why he targeted Lu Miao, the reason was that he liked Jiang Haoyue, but Jiang was very special to her. All this was out of jealousy. When the conversation was over, Su Daifei asked Lu Miao if she also liked Jiang Haoyue.

Lu Miao told Jiang Haoyue what Su Daifei had told him. Jiang Haoyue said that girls with poor grades would also have a lot of shining points. “She” is very cute, enthusiastic, and attractive. It is normal that she likes “she”. . Lu Miao thought that this “she” was Su Daifei, and tried to persuade Jiang Haoyue, as the number one in her grade, not to fall in love early. Jiang Haoyue retorted that since she can’t fall in love early, neither can Lu Miao. The siblings wrote when they got home. Under the no-puppy love agreement.

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