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Use For My Talent 我親愛的小潔癖 Episode 20 Recap

Gu Renqi knelt on one knee and held the ring to propose to Shuangjiao. At this time, Shuangjiao was excited and happy, feeling like the happy little princess in a fairy tale, but the princess’s dream was soon realized. It was crushed, and the moment the ring was about to be worn on the finger, that Liu Li appeared, accusing Shuangjiao of marrying the foe-grandson who killed his mother. Liu Li said on the spot that it was Shuangjiao’s mother that Gu Shiheng killed him. Liu Li’s father was Gu Shiheng’s driver back then. Gu Shiheng gave them two million in order to seal the seal.

I didn’t believe it, I decided that this person was here to make trouble. In order to gain their trust, Liu Li took a group photo of his father and Gu Shiheng back then to prove his identity. It was Shuangjiao who mistakenly thought that Gu Renqi had always known about this, and kept hiding it from her. He sadly accused Gu Renqi and left the scene with Lu Xian. It was Junjie who was naturally equally excited, wishing to kill Gu Renqi, but Zhu Yan was more calm, thinking that things had not been investigated clearly and could not be easily concluded.

It is Shuangjiao who thinks that he is sorry for his mother and almost married the child of his enemy’s family, but the love for Gu Renqi is deeply rooted. This kind of mood is tortured by Shuangjiao. It is Shuangjiao who lie down in front of his mother’s portrait and lose his voice. Cry bitterly. On the other hand, Gu Renqi rushed back to question whether Gu Shiheng killed his mother who was Shuangjiao. Before Gu Shiheng had time to answer, the police arrived and asked Gu Shiheng to assist in the investigation.

Gu Renqi thinks this is true, and the guilt deepens in his heart. Gu Renqi ran to find Shuangjiao asking for forgiveness, hoping that Shuangjiao could forgive him, but Shuangjiao couldn’t accept that Gu Renqi was Gu Shiheng’s grandson. This matter, otherwise she would have to accept the torture of her conscience for the rest of her life, and she would no longer be able to face her beloved mother, and the initiator of all this was Gu Shiheng.

Gu Renqi was ridiculed by Liu Li that the whole family was dirty and they were all black-hearted people. Gu Renqi, who was originally a cleanliness addict, wanted to take a bath even more uncontrollably, hoping to wash himself. Clean and clean. After going to work, I found out that I was missing the figure of Shuangjiao. I felt so sad. The cleanliness that had been cured began to cause trouble again. He desperately took the disinfectant and sprayed it everywhere. When Li Dongxian entered, Gu Renqi, who was supporting his body, suddenly fainted.

The situation of Shuangjiao is no better than Gu Renqi. I have always been in a daze, and I have been stimulated more. It is the Junjie who comforts the Shuangjiao and promises to take good care of the family. I used to be my sister and His father takes care of him, and he can take care of his sister and father in the future.

Jiang Wenchi brought Hei Pi and others to meet Li Dongxian on his way from get off work. Jiang Wenchi was always angry at Li Dongxian taking away Wang Qianqian’s affairs, and led people to teach Li Dongxian. Li Dongxian warned Jiang Wenchi and others that there was no problem with him, but no You can hurt the people around him, Wang Qianqian and Gu Renqi’s troubles can’t be found. Just when those people were going to be rude to Li Dongxian, Lu Xian happened to pass by, and Lu Xian scared away the bad guys in order to save Li Dongxian.

Gu Renqi’s condition has become more serious since this incident. Every day at home, he took the disinfectant and sprayed it everywhere. It seemed that he was crazy. Mei Hua looked distressed in his eyes and begged Gu Renqi not to spray the disinfectant. But Gu Renqi went his own way as if he hadn’t heard.

Lu seemed to know that Gu Renqi and Shuangjiao’s situation was not good. He took the initiative to find Shuangjiao. If he wanted to help, Shuangjiao and Gu Renqi could untie this psychological knot, so that both can reap happiness.

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