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Flourish In Time 我和我的时光少年 Episode 2 Recap

The next day, Jiang Haoyue came to school with her sister on time. At this time, the school’s speculation about the relationship between the two has been spread all over the sky. Some people say that the two are lovers, some say they are brothers and sisters, and even more say that Lu Miao is the child bride of Jiang Haoyue’s family. Back in the class, a group of girls gathered around Lu Miao, asking for a love letter and wanting to know Jiang Haoyue’s past. Lu Miao has undoubtedly become a dull tool person again. Facing this scene, he was at the same table Xie Ziye. Angrily drove away the other girls who were surrounding her, not intending to relieve Lu Miao from the siege, but Lu Miao thought they were helping him, so his impression of her instantly improved.

Lu and Xie became familiar with each other because of a physical education class, and gradually began to talk about girlfriends between the little girls. Xie Ziye has a special scoring book to record the boys he meets, give them points and evaluate them, filter them through big data, and finally choose the one with the highest comprehensive score as the candidate for his true son. So far It was Jiang Haoyue who scored the highest.

At night, Lu Miao gave Jiang Haoyue all the gift love letters he received during the day, and read the content of the love letter teasingly, but his brother didn’t even bother about it. Father Jiang returned home after drinking too much, criticizing Jiang Haoyue for being a stubborn stone, and he didn’t remember the kindness of others to him.

Jiang Haoyue was isolated by some boys because of being liked by girls, and was also called a little lame. In order to protect her brother, Lu Miao invited two mischievous boys to the small black room, deliberately scaring others and threatening not to treat Jiang Haoyue maliciously anymore. . The two boys were so scared that they apologized again and again. However, after returning to the class, he felt that he was not a gentleman, and he had to take Lu Miao as a whole. The two boys were unlucky, and Jiang Haoyue heard this conversation again. He threatened them with cheating in the exam to protect his sister.

On the way home, Jiang Haoyue blamed Lu Miao for what she had done today, thinking that it didn’t matter what others called herself and laughed at herself, and hoped that her sister would not do anything meaningless. However, Lu Miao did not comment on this. She did not want Jiang Haoyue to belittle herself. The physical disability did not prevent her brother from being a brave person. However, Jiang Haoyue did not agree with this. Faced with her brother’s self-destruction, Lu Miao was angry and helpless. Seeing that the old girl was angry, Jiang Haoyue tried every means to please others.

Lu Miao was looking for books in a bookstore and found that all his favorite Hokage comics series had been loaned out by a person called “Young Master Crazy”. Jiang Haoyue joked that she should be in line with this person’s interests. During the Lu family’s dinner, Lu Miao watched his parents keep putting ribs on his brother, feeling a little helpless.

At night, Lu Miao brought Jiang Haoyue from the chicken coop to ask for a lottery. She helped Jiang Haoyue figure out the good or bad luck of the chemistry competition, and got a bad lottery. The hexagram indicated that “the situation is changing suddenly, and the enemy is approaching.” Jiang Haoyue didn’t believe this, but Lu Miao still gave him an amulet that turned bad luck into good luck.

There was a new classmate named Shi Che who was also a Hokage fan in the class. This person seemed to have met Lu Miao, but Lu Miao had no memory of him.

The screen turned to eight years ago. Xiao Jiang Haoyue and Xiao Lu Miao, who could only travel in wheelchairs after the operation, were playing downstairs. A boy beat Jiang Haoyue with fruit and said that he was disabled. Facing the provocateur, Xiao Haoyue did not agree. Not timid, and directly smashed the boy with fruit.

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