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Flourish In Time 我和我的时光少年 Episode 1 Recap

On the first day of high school, Lu Miao tried his best to avoid a boy named Jiang Haoyue on the way to school. Jiang Haoyue was Lu Miao’s neighbor and also a child. He ate the same food and studied the same as he was a child. But she was always better than her, so much so that Lu Miao, who had been wearing the label of “Jiang Haoyue” sister for more than ten years. The high school life is about to begin. Lu Miao is determined to bid farewell to the bleak life that has been suppressed by Jiang Haoyue over the past ten years, and is inspiring to start a new life.

However, when I wanted to return, the two were neighbors and the same high school. They went to school on the same route, and it was difficult to avoid them. So Lu Miao tried his best to walk around the vegetable market and climb the wall. Finally, in With unremitting efforts, she still had a head-on with Jiang Haoyue. Jiang Haoyue, who had been too good since childhood, understood the reason why Lu Miao was hiding from her, so she took the initiative to propose that the two should separate at different stations and wait for the bus.

Lu Miao was playful all the way, and when he got on the bus, he found that he and Jiang Haoyue were in the same car again, but the road was narrow. While driving, looking at Lu Miao who was asleep, Jiang Haoyue used her Polaroid to take a picture of her silly and sleeping, and deliberately mischievous and secretly stuck the photo behind Lu Miao after getting out of the car, so she started school. On the first day, Lu Miao walked through the high school campus with his ugly photos on his back.

At the opening ceremony, Jiang Haoyue gave a speech. Facing such an outstanding and handsome student, many girls have become his admirers. Faced with this situation, Lu Miao was very disdainful. One day, he can stand on his own. To be an excellent speaker in the auditorium, you must be better than Jiang Haoyue, and he must be admired!

In order to motivate and punish himself who fell asleep accidentally in math class, Lu Miao came to the auditorium by himself after class, and accidentally broke the equipment while thinking about it. At this time, the security came in and the camera fell off when he was in a panic. Avoiding investigation, hurriedly fled into the dressing room. The security guard saw no one but only one camera and had to take it away. Jiang Haoyue happened to see the camera in the hands of the uncle security guard again, and realized that Lu Miao must be in trouble, took the camera back and went to the auditorium to find Lu Miao, but unfortunately, the two were caught again.

Facing the cross-examination of the dean of the teaching affairs office, Lu Miao recalled how he was treated differently by the teacher as Jiang Haoyue’s sister in the past ten years, and he did not recognize the sibling relationship between the two. However, the dean is not stupid. Looking through the student’s information, he sees that the two guardians are the same, thinking that the two are divorced and reorganized, so he did not reveal it. Lu Miao was fined for cleaning for a week and was angrily. Jiang Haoyue tied her shoelaces. This situation was seen by Lu Miao’s tablemate Xie Ziye.

After school, Jiang Haoyue happened to see her father packing up a few gangsters at the entrance of her mahjong hall. Jiang’s father was very skilled, and he overpowered a few people in a few strokes, but Jiang Haoyue was very indifferent in the face of his father’s concern. Several gangsters discussed in the small alley to clean up the son of the mahjong hall owner. Jiang Haoyue went to a remote place and was beaten. The gangster discovered that Jiang Haoyue’s leg was actually a prosthesis.

At this time, Lu Miao, who was also going home and passing by, saw his brother being beaten and rushed forward to save people. However, how could the two children be a group of gangster opponents, Jiang Haoyue could only use his body to protect Lu Miao. In a critical moment, a guy on a bicycle passed by and drove the gang away very justly.

After returning home, Lu Miao decided to go to school with Jiang Haoyue from now on. What kind of light is not important in life, only his brother is the most important.

It turned out that eight years ago, nine-year-old Jiang Haoyue was injured by Lu Miao’s father Lu Yongfei while driving and had her limb amputated. Faced with Jiang’s father’s reproach, Lu’s father and Lu’s mother agreed to take care of Jiang Haoyue all her life. Since then, Lu Miao has an extra brother.

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