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Please Feel at Ease Mr. Ling 一不小心捡到爱 Episode 17 Recap

Ling Yue took An Xin home and arranged a surprise in the room. An Xin was very touched. The balloons, shiny ornaments, and limited-edition comics were all prepared by Ling Yue for An Xin. Yoyo also gave Anxin’s strongest equipment as a cohabitation gift. It turned out to be a sexy underwear. Anxin looked embarrassed, but Anxin’s stomach rang.

It turned out that Anxin was hungry, so they went to the convenience store to buy food together and treat them with peace of mind, but Ling Yue Ji secretly bought something else just to make An Xin bump into it.

Ling Yue told An Xin that his access code was 0411, and An Xin wondered why it was. An Xin made shouxi pot. Ling Yue became jealous when he heard that An Xin and An Sheng learned it. He also said that the shouxi pot tasted just ordinary. An Xin sandwiched a dish and it was hot, Ling Yue intimately brought the ointment to An Xin to wipe it off.

An Sheng was calling Yoyo to ask about An Xin’s recent situation. Yoyo said on the phone that they were living together and they happened to be heard by Xin Er, but Xin Er had been obsessed after hearing that, and she still thought that if there was no peace of mind, she and Ling Yue Together.

An Xin saw that Ling Yue called and smiled happily, and she secretly wondered who it was. Before going to bed, Ling Yue gave An Xin a watch. It is a heart tester, which can monitor your heartbeat at all times, and can give you the most in case of danger. Important people call.

In the morning, a courier arrived at home and it was sent by Xin’er. Although An Xin wanted to know what it was, she had said that she wanted to trust each other and did not open it up. They went to see the furniture together, and there was also a double bed. An Xin fell asleep comfortably in the bed. When he opened his eyes, Ling Yue had already bought it, and An Xin had some sweet dreams…

When they came home, the two arranged the house very warmly, just like they used to live in Anxin’s house, as if they were back to the beginning, but now Anxin has a good boyfriend.

An Xin found that Ling Yue’s mobile phone hadn’t set a password, so she set one for him. Ling Yue said the numbers 0411. An Xin added suspicion. What is the special meaning of this, so she got up in the middle of the night and took a peek at Ling Yue’s information. , Baidu him, and finally found a picture of him and Gu Xin’er. When I checked that Gu Xin’er’s birthday was on April 11th, An Xin felt uncomfortable again.

The next day An Xin was always upset in the office, and she asked everyone why men set a woman’s birthday as a password. Yoyo must be a very important person to say it without thinking, but An Xin is not sure about Ling Yue and Xin’er. Does it matter? I’m afraid I’m too obsessed with his past, but An Xin wants to understand that no matter who is acting as a demon, he will not regress.

Dr. Xiao went to class at Ai Li’s boxing gym, but Ai Li was harassed by male students. Dr. Xiao couldn’t stand it, so he asked for a training match and was beaten by the opponent. Ai Li was also very distressed and wiped Dr. Xiao in the parking lot. Medicine, but Doctor Xiao said that it doesn’t matter if he wants to protect her.

But Ai Li said that Dr. Xiao is the most handsome man on the six-meter square boxing ring. The person who harassed Ai Li came to find the fault again. Ai Li said that he should give a lesson to those who could not be respected, so he beat up the student. It was very pleasant and very refreshing.

Zhao Lei signed a big order to the studio. Not only did he have no middlemen to make the difference, but he could also realize the freedom of milk tea for half a year. An Xin agreed to it, but he did not expect that the big company would be Newwell and the boss of Party A would be Ling Yue. Since Zhao Lei didn’t tell An Xin at first, he could only bite the bullet. An Xin also urged Ling Yue to exercise restraint, pretend not to know him, and don’t want others to say that his company came in through the back door.

After returning home, An Sheng came to An Xin to return the things to her. The two of them said everything about them, and when Ling Yue came back from the parking lot, they just saw An Sheng leaving. After returning home, I asked An Xin. An Xin was afraid that he would be angry and didn’t say anything. However, in the end, Ling Yue brought An Xin a favorite cake.

In this way, the two people came to a confession, and An Xin asked all the questions in his heart for the past two days. It turned out that Ling Yue had been calling Dr. Xiao before, and Gu Xiner’s courier was sent without even looking at it. After going back, 0411 was also the day when I met An Xin for the first time many years ago, and it was our first anniversary.

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