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Please Feel at Ease Mr. Ling 一不小心捡到爱 Episode 14 Recap

Ling Yue explained to An Xin what happened just now. Although An Xin seemed to be angry, he knew that this was Gu Xin’er’s trick. Ling Yue lay down on An Xin’s lap and fell asleep. An Xin looked at him distressedly, and she blamed herself for not being able to help at this juncture. In this way, the more Ling went to sleep until late, and when he woke up, An Xin had already left, but he left a note for him, saying that he should be at ease.

An Xin had just arrived home and found that An Sheng hadn’t left. After waiting for herself for a day, An Xin remembered that An Sheng and Yoyo had a date, so she urged him to go. When they arrived at the cinema, Yoyo and An Sheng were about to go to the movies when they heard someone talk about Ling Yue’s marriage to Xin’er. The two ran to the company to find Ling Yue.

When he arrived at the company, Ling Yue rejected the rumors completely out of thin air, but An Sheng still didn’t let Ling Yue go. He also warned him not to hurt An Xin any more. He could protect An Xin better than him. Youyou seemed to understand something when you heard it. An Sheng actually said that Ling Yue would get An Xin injured one more time and snatch her back.

When he got downstairs, Yo-Yo finally couldn’t help asking if An Sheng’s favorite person was An Xin. An Sheng did not refute. Yo-Yo understood, but also expressed her feelings, but pretended that she was not sad. It was easier to say it and refused An Sheng sent himself home and asked him to hurry up to accompany An Xin. Just when Yoyo was sad, she suddenly received a call from Manager Chen asking her to send the power bank.

It turned out that Manager Chen bought the ticket for the idol signing event, and the joy suddenly blossomed. In fact, the power bank is just an excuse for Manager Chen to call Yoyo. After the press conference, Yoyo almost fell. Fortunately, Manager Chen caught it. Manager Chen stared at Yoyo’s face. Yoyo asked what was on her face, Manager Chen He said it was a little cute, and you thought to herself that she was teased?

An Xin was drawing cartoons at home to find inspiration. Suddenly the doorbell rang. When she opened the door, it was Gu Xin’er. She ran over to laugh at An Xin and told her Ling Yue’s current situation. An Xin didn’t want to ignore her at first, but Xin’er mentioned When he arrived at Ling Yue, because he had lost a lot of opportunities, even the position of the president was not guaranteed. What happened now not only could not help him, but also dragged Ling Yue’s hind legs.

It became a burden to Ling Yue, and Ling Yue lost his original position. Everything about him. An Xin was moved when she heard this. She couldn’t bear to hurt Ling Yue, but she didn’t want to just watch Ling Yue lose the company. Speaking of this, An Sheng stopped him. An Sheng brought An Xin’s favorite dessert, but I don’t know that Xin’er also likes to eat it. Xiner said that An Sheng only had this foreign sister in his heart, and then left.

An Sheng’s first sentence was to let An Xin leave Ling Yue. An Xin wondered why he always let himself leave the person he loved most. In this way, An Xin let An Sheng go first. After sending a message to Ling Yue, An Xin thought for a long time.

After drinking, Gu Xiner called Ling Sheng. The two went to watch an outdoor movie, but they still didn’t give him a chance. Ling Fang went home and looked for Chairman Ling. He said that he didn’t care about Ling Yue, but in fact he still wanted his father to help Ling Yue. Chairman Gu was very happy to see him and understood that Ling Fang had finally grown up.

An Xin came to the company to find Ling Yue and brought him Lamei Claypot Rice. Ling Yue told An Xin not to believe the rumors on the Internet. An Xin said that he believed him very much. Seeing that he was so tired recently, An Xin took him out to relax. The two came to the amusement park and played happily for a long time. They also went to sit on the Ferris wheel. They reassured Ling Yue to make a wish and asked him to hold his hand so that he would not be afraid. Ling Yue made a wish, and he was very fortunate that he was at ease, and the two of them hugged each other.

After Anxin sent Lingyue to the company, she was reluctant to give up, but behaved strangely, as if she was saying goodbye. She also asked Lingyue’s Alipay account, and when she left, she ran back and hugged Lingyue tightly.

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