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New Horizon 壮志高飞 Episode 8 Recap

Wu Di and Xiao Mo took the elevator together, and were trapped in the elevator again. Wu Di complained that nothing was good when he met him. The elevator returned to normal. Wu Di walked out of the elevator. Xiao Mo stopped her and told her that we would see you on the plane. The next day, those sick children boarded the plane one after another. Xia Yu persuaded one of them, Kang Kang, to fasten his seat belt, but he felt that the captain was the biggest on the plane and he only listened to the captain.

Immediately, Xiao Mo’s voice sounded on the radio, and Kangkang immediately fastened his seat belt without saying a word, leaving Xia Yu speechless. Wu Di reminded him that as a joy ambassador, he must always smile. Halfway through the flight, Xiao Mo found that Kangkang’s airplane model was broken, and he took the initiative to help Kangkang repair the airplane model.

The next day, when the plane was driving normally, after turning on the autopilot, Ren Yuan went to the bathroom. Only Wu Di and Xiao Mo were in the cockpit. It happened to be early in the morning, and they saw very beautiful sunrise scenes in the cockpit. Xiao Mo said that when she became the captain, they would often see these beautiful scenery. Spain, Seville, the exotic atmosphere is very obvious here. After the crew got off the plane, they were free to move around.

Luo Dong arranged the children, and Xia Yu took Wu Di to play. Wu Di wanted to call Xiao Mo together, but Xia Yu didn’t agree and took her away. Du Wei wanted to have dinner with them, and met Xiao Mo by chance, and asked him if he wanted to be together. Xiao Mo declined, saying that he wanted to go for a walk by the river.

Before the meal, Xia Yu confessed to Wu Di again, and Wu Di said that he just regarded him as a good friend from beginning to end. Wu Di was absent-minded when eating. Du Wei, as her best friend, didn’t know how careful she was, so she told Wu Di about Xiao Mo’s stay in the Kieville River. Wu Di sent a message to Xiao Mo, asking him to wait for himself there.

After the meal, the three of them went to the Kivier River together. Du Wei deliberately found an excuse to pull Xia Yu away and let Xiao Mo and Wu Di be alone. When they found the phone, they ran to the river, and the boat was already sailing. Looking at the ship going away, Xia Yu was so angry that he didn’t make a fight, always feeling that Du Wei was deliberate. Wu Di wanted to follow Xiao Mo as a teacher, so you can ask him if you don’t understand anything in the future, Xiao Mo agreed.

After landing, Wu Di asked Xiao Mo to accompany him to find an old friend. Wu Di’s old friend is called Xiaofang. Xiaofang introduced his wife Sophia to meet them. In fact, it was Wu Di who encouraged Xiaofang to pursue Sophia. After watching the old friends, Wu Di and Xiao Mo had a very happy time. Wu Di didn’t expect Xiao Mo to not only have super high flying skills, but also understand fan language. Soon it was time to return, and Ren Yuan gave Xiao Mo the opportunity to make his first landing after the go-around.

Xiao Mo returned home and found that Duo Duo left him a letter. Duo Duo moved out without informing Xiao Mo. She said that she had grown up and could no longer rely on Xiao Mo to take care of herself, but Duo Duo lived here after all. Xiao Mo is always a little worried about the unfamiliar land.

Xia Hang asked Xia Yu to become a civil aviation captain in the future, and he had to let go of his prejudice against everyone. Xia Yu agreed, but he couldn’t do anything to Xiao Mo. Xia Hang wanted to explain to Xiao Mo, but he still couldn’t say what he said. Xia Yu is still immature, and Xia Hang may know that now is not the best time. He Jun, the retired captain of Midsummer Airlines, hired them back as the chief training captain of the simulator. He was very strict and allowed all of them to master all courses within two weeks.

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