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New Horizon 壮志高飞 Episode 11 Recap

Xiao Mo sent Duo Duo back, Hua Hin said he and Ren Yuan sent Wu Di back. After they left, Hua Hin asked Wu Di to stay here for one night with himself. On the way back, Duoduo finally couldn’t help asking Xiao Mo if he liked Wu Di. Xiao Mo didn’t answer. He only said that he regarded her as a younger sister. Duoduo asked if he would no longer care about himself if he had someone he liked. Xiao Mo denied that he would protect her forever like his sister.

After listening to blossoming, he finally smiled. Xiao’s mother asked Wu Di’s family background like a household registration. Fortunately, Hua Hin quickly pulled Xiao’s mother out. Only after Xiao Mo came back did he know that Hua Hin drove Ren Yuan out. She left Wu Di tonight. The two slept together. Ren Yuan slept on Xiao Mo’s bed and asked him to sleep on the sofa in the living room.

Hua Hin and Wu Di talked about Xiao Mo’s childhood. Wu Di said with emotion, it’s no wonder Xiao Mo was so strict with himself. It turns out that his father wanted to be a pilot before. Xia Hang and Xia Yu talked about his own hairpin. If it hadn’t been for the hairpin to give up the only admission quota, he would not have become a pilot, let alone fly an airline.

Later, Fa Xiao passed away prematurely, which became a great regret for Xia Hang, but fortunately, Fa Xiao’s son was very upbeat, and finally became a pilot. Xia Yu thought that his father meant that he had done nothing, so Xia Yu went upstairs to review under the pretext of not listening to his dad’s nagging. Xia Yu glanced at his mobile phone before reviewing, and the WeChat was empty. Wu Di didn’t send him a message, which made Xia Yu a little bit disappointed.

Wu Di, who couldn’t sleep, asked Hua Hin and Ren Yuan, why they didn’t get married. Hua Hin said that he loves Ren Yuan, but it does not mean that he will change his lifestyle for him. Wu Di envied Hua Hin for being able to be herself so freely. Except for flying, many of her things were taken care of by her mother since she was a child. Hua Hin and Wu Di talked about a little secret about Xiao Mo. Xiao Mo’s thoughts are very serious, so it’s best to tell him clearly.

Sometimes, if you don’t explain the relationship clearly, it is easy to hurt innocent people. Before going back, Wu Di and Xiao Mo took a look at Kang Kang and saw that he was recovering well, so Wu Di was relieved to leave. In order to keep Xiao Mo away from Wu Di, Xia Yu asked Xiao Mo to modify Xiao Mo’s flight. After that, Hua Hin, Ren Yuan and Xiao Mo kept flying long distances.

Xia Yu and Luo Dong went to Lu Qiwen and asked him to teach the new students the flying experience. Lu Qiwen readily agreed. Luo Dong gave Xia Yu a bad idea, but the air conditioner was too cold, and Xia Yu caught a cold. Xiao Mo took Wu Di and said that he was going to the hospital. Xia Yu was trying to stop him, and the teacher had already come to prepare for class. Xiao Mo said that she might have chickenpox. The doctor confirmed that Wu Di was infected with chickenpox.

Now Wu Di can’t go back to class. Wu Di was quarantined at home after she fell ill, and Xiao Mo took care of her at her home. Xia Yu called her, and the person who answered the phone was actually Xiao Mo. In order to be able to fly on the same day and return on the same day, Xiao Mo also deliberately transferred the shift. Xia Yu wore a fancy dress to see Wu Di. He said that he was afraid of infecting her from a cold, so he dressed like this.

Xia Yu had to dress like this and accompany Wu Di to review at home. Seeing Xiao Mo being so serious about Wu Di, Hua Hin was a little worried. She knew Xiao Mo had no love experience, and worried that he would fall into it before he could figure out the situation. Ren Yuan said that young people nowadays are very assertive, and she doesn’t need to worry too much.

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