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Miss the Dragon 遇龙 Episode 36 End Recap

Ming Ge Xingjun took Xue Qianxun to Kunlun Mountain, and he promised Long Yan that as long as he obtains the extremely Yin Yuan Shen, he and Ke Long Yan will unite the three realms with the two people’s thousand-year friendship. Long Yan refused to let Master Ge Xing move lightly, and Master Ge Xing no longer talked nonsense with Long Yan.

He asked Xue Qian to go forward to deal with Long Yan, and the two met each other, Long Yan. Let Xue Qianxun wake up, Ming Ge Xingjun confessed to Long Yan that not only would Xue Qianxun not wake up, he would not forgive Long Yan even after waking up. After all, he is now a gift from Long Yan.

When Qianyan woke up, she begged Master Xuanyang to tell him the whereabouts of Long Yan. Master Xuanyang came down hard to tell Qingyan that Long Yan approached Qianyan for the very yin primordial god of Qingyan. He had nothing to do with Qingyan. Friendship at all. Qing Yan refused to believe it, she cried out to find Long Yan, but Xuan Yang established an enchantment and shut Qing Yan in the room. Outside the room, the real person Xuan Yang remembered Long Yan’s words. Long Yan told him before he left.

If Qingyan woke up, he would tell her that he approached Qingyan for the sake of the soul. Now the best way is to let Qingyan Yan had forgotten him, he didn’t want to live in pain with Yan Yan. In order to protect the light smoke well, Long Yan sent out his inner alchemy and asked Master Xuan Yang to inject the inner alchemy into the barrier. Seeing Long Yan’s selfless dedication, Master Xuan Yang also understood his previous prejudice against Long Yan. Shen, what he can do now is to protect Qingyan and live up to Long Yan’s trust.

Long Yan and Xue Qianxun fought, and ordered Master Ge Xing to step into Kunlun Mountain, but the barrier stopped him. Mingge Xingjun felt Long Yan’s inner alchemy on the barrier. He didn’t expect Long Yan to be so reluctant to live and die, so Xue Qianxun was ruthless against Long Yan. He watched from the side as his former friend became what he is now.

Cannibalism. On the other side, Qingyan sneaked out of the room by casting a spell. She didn’t believe that Long Yan approached her for Yuanshen, so she ran out of Kunlun Mountain desperately, which happened to block Long Yan’s fatal blow.

Mingge Xingjun saw Qingyan, he activated the god-binding net, and sucked the primordial spirit of Qingyan. Long Yan couldn’t get close to Qingyan’s body. He was ordered to be beaten by Master Gexing every time he took a step forward. Until Long Yan couldn’t stand up, and Master Ge Xing laughed arrogantly, he was finally about to become the strongest king of the Three Realms. Long Yan had exhausted all his strength. He was fighting for Qingyan until the last moment. Qingyan looked at Long Yan. Her soul had restored all the memories of the third generation, so he injected his soul into Long Yan. In his body, Long Yan came back to life.

Long Yan regained his divine power. He held Qingyan tightly, and his eyes were full of hatred for Mingge Xingjun. Mingge Xingjun never thought that it would be good for the people of Qingyan, no matter the soul, even her hair. All belong to Long Yan. For hundreds of years, Long Yan was cautious, like walking on thin ice to protect Qingyan III, but Mingge Xingjun took the life of Qingyan in an instant. This is what Mingge Xingjun never expected.

He stepped forward to let Long Yan. Returning his soul, Qingyan gave the soul to Long Yan at the last moment. Long Yan already possessed an immortal body, and his mana was already above the Three Realms. How could Ming Ge Xingjun be able to deal with it. Now Qing Yan’s death has become Long Yan’s eternal pain, all because of the ambition of Ming Ge Xingjun. Long Yan asked Mingge Xingjun to repay this debt one by one.

Xueqian found the puppet technique. He was desperate to protect Mingge Xingjun. Long Yan had no choice but to seek out Xueqian. Fortunately, Qingqing arrived in time, and she stopped him. After Long Yan, Long Yan ignored Xue Qianxun and went straight to chase Master Ge Xing. Qing Qing held Xue Qianxun tightly. She wanted Xue Qianxun to wake up. Xue Qianxun almost hurt Qingqing, but woke up at the last moment. When he came over, he only bounced the mana back to hurt himself, and didn’t hurt Qingqing a bit.

Long Yan found Master Ge Xing. Master Ge Xing knew that he could not escape the catastrophe today. He asked the Emperor for help. The Emperor didn’t pay attention to Master Ge Xing. Long Yan used real fire to let Master Ge Xing control himself. The pain suffered was repaid thousands of times.

Xueqianxun’s breath was weak, and Qingqing kept guarding by Xueqianxun’s side. Seeing Xueqianxun closed her eyes, she couldn’t help crying. Love is determined, fate is not for oneself, the sky is against the stars, the curse to kiss the blood, this is the fate of the two. The two have a blood curse cast by the emperor, but if they are willing to die for each other, this blood curse can be reversed. The reversal of the blood curse also saved Xue Qianxun’s life. The two are safe and secure. For a good couple, you have to stay together for a lifetime.

Long Yan came to Qingyan, who had already died for him, how could he have an immortal body? Without the company of Qingyan, he would rather go with Qingyan. Long Yan possessed the extremely Yin Yuanshen on his body, and this matter had been known to the heavens, and the heavens had the thunder of Wanjun, which could shatter all things, preparing to destroy Long Yan. The two could have lived together for life, but they couldn’t get together because of the people of the heavens. Long Yan vowed to seek justice from the heavens. If he lost his life, the heavens will double back.

Long Yan used the extremely yin primordial god to summon the resentment of a thousand demons and a hundred ghosts, so that the thousand demons and a hundred ghosts could be used by him. Everything turned into ashes under Wanjun Thunder, Xueqian couldn’t find and protect Qingqing from the flames. Qingqing burst into tears after Wanjun Thunder, mistakenly thinking that the primordial spirit of Long Yan and Qingyan was gone.

Xueqian found out to comfort Qingqing. He had just used the god-binding net to collect their primordial spirits. The two of them will be together for a lifetime in the god-binding net. They are no longer bound by the rules of this world, and no longer have to taste the separation of life and death. Suffering, this is the best ending for the two.

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  1. Hi! 🙂
    I have to say you this is the best recap of the episode that I’ve found no The web. It’s very clear!
    Thank you so much for your job.
    Could you make one about special episode (37) of this series?
    I did’t really understand, just that Liu Ying and Dragon King are together, but how is possible that she became a princess?
    Please, one recap 😀
    Another thing, I still don’t understand what is the net traps immortals … and… in the magic mirror there are other trapped souls?


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