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Miss the Dragon 遇龙 Episode 34 Recap

Thousands of years ago, Xue Qianxun was a cold-hearted Sky Solitary Star, ranked 36th Heavenly General. He was ordered to hunt down the magic spirit who had stolen into the heavens, and accidentally stunned a blue black bird beside the branch. Seeing the green blackbird fell into the sludge, Xueqianxun kindly cleaned it, but the green blackbird mistakenly thought that Xueqianxun was a color embryo, and this blue blackbird was now Qingqing. At that time, Xueqianxun wanted Qingqing to vent her anger and handed herself to Qingqing’s disposal. Qingqing turned into feathers and tickled Xueqian. Xueqianxun smiled for the first time three thousand years ago.

Tian Lone Star was destined to be lonely, but Qing Qing moved Xue Qian Xun’s heart. Xue Qian sought to protect Qing Qing and cast a triple spell with her. That day, Qingqing met the demon. She chanted three consecutive spells and called Xueqianxun, who was still a lonely star. Xueqianxun was originally stationed at the Nuwa Terrace, but to save Qingqing, he had to leave without permission and he arrived. Qingqing rescued her by her side, and when she saw Qingqing was dying, Xue Qianxun even gave Qingqing his natal star.

The two returned to Nüwa Terrace, but saw Ziyang led the heavenly soldiers to arrest him. Only then did they learn that the Nüwa stone was stolen. Ziyang repeatedly claimed that the Nüwa stone was stolen by Longyan. He brought Xueqian and Qingqing back. Heavenly Court. Xueqian was tortured by Xuan Lei when she sought to leave her post without authorization, and Qing Qing even committed the crime of inducing a lone star into love. Seeing Xueqianxun suffering from thunder, Qingqing felt distressed in every possible way. She stopped in front of Xueqianxun, blocking a sky of thunder for Xueqianxun, and also dropped the current meteor marks.

The two really love each other, but they can’t stay together. A sky thunder is not something Qingqing can bear. Her spiritual sense is attached to Xueqianxun’s natal star. The emperor wants to open evil spirit caves to make Qingqing unrest. Xueqian seeks hard. Do everything possible to send Qingqing to the world, but he was punished to stay at Luofeng Pavilion for three thousand years and changed his name to Xueqianxun.

After Xue Qianxun learned the cause and effect, he came to look for Long Yan. After reading the booklet sent by Mingge Xingjun, Long Yan was also very surprised by the relationship between Xue Qianxun and Qingqing. Seeing that Long Yan was unsurprising about the past, Xue Qian was angry in her heart, wondering how much Long Yan had hidden from him, Long Yan handed the booklet of Ming Ge Xingjun to Xue Qian Xun and explained to him clearly. ,

Xue Qian found on the booklet the fate of him and Qing Qing. The two would never be together. If they were forcibly together, it would only break Qing Qing’s soul. Xue Qianxun was shocked by this. He didn’t believe that Ming Ge Xing Jun knew about it but didn’t tell him, so he thought everything was Long Yan’s concealment and deceit, and he almost fought against Long Yan in furious anger.

Xue Qianxun returned to Luofeng Pavilion, and ordered Ge Xingjun to appear in Luofeng Pavilion. He had been waiting for Xue Qianxun for a long time. It turned out that Mingge Xingjun had found poison on Xue Qian earlier, and this poison was inspired by anger. Xueqianxun did not understand the meaning of Minggexingjun, Minggexingjun also simply let Xueqianxun understand a little bit. He had replaced the green mandala and weaver handkerchief with the sorrow of the earth girl earlier, and Xueqianxun often drank it. Tea is not three pearl leaf tea, but Tianxinpao. The sorrow of the earth girl was mixed with the broken heart of the sky. After Xue Qianxun’s Qingqing’s great joy and Long Yan’s fury, Ming Ge Xingjun easily applied the ancient secret technique on Xue Qianxun-the technique of puppets.

He ordered Lord Ge Xing to report the crimes of Long Yan’s robbing of the rain order to the Emperor. The Emperor sent Ziyang to capture Long Yan. He ordered Lord Ge Xing to mention the power of Long Yan and ask Xue Qian to go with him. Xueqianxun and Ziyang came to capture Long Yan. Xueqianxun recruited Long Yan to brutally attack him. Long Yan noticed the abnormality of Xueqianxun.

Now Xueqianxun has been puppeted. He Not only did he defeat Long Yan, he also obeyed Master Ge Xing’s order to cast the Seven Death Curse on Long Yan. In order to make Long Yan Yuanshen annihilated, Long Yan was hit by the Seven Death Curse. He exhausted the last bit of strength and only transformed himself into Long, leaving Longyin Tianchi, fell from the sky with scars all over his body.

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