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Qing Luo 清落 Episode 16 Recap

Ion Sail finds his teacher Situ. Situ is looking through a book written with his old friend Han Xiao. The two talked about Yu Qingluo going to the Four Nations Competition instead of Ye Xiu, and Situ confessed that Ion Sail must go with him to protect him. Yu Qing falls. Yu Qingluo, Jin Liuli and others were going to Drunk Dream City, while the others protected Nannan and stayed at Fulong Inn. Seeing Ion Fan coming, Ye Haoran couldn’t help being unwilling, but now he had to wait for Ye Xiudu to be able to protect Yu Qingluo.

Princess Qingning led people to catch the Thousand Sturgeon by the Chaobai River. When the trap bell rang, everyone rushed forward. Sure enough, they caught Thousand Sturgeon. Looking upstream, they found the figure of a strange man. When Ye Xiudu woke up, she found that there was a strange woman in front of her. The troubled Princess Qingning was about to get angry with Ye Xiudu. Ye Xiudu tied all the people present.

Under Qingning’s inquiry, Ye Xiudu found out. Her own memory was completely lost. How could Qingning, as the princess of Tianyu Nation, endure such grievances, but under the intimidation of Ye Xiu’s high-powered martial arts, Qing Ning had to pretend to worship Ye Xiu as his teacher and ask Ye Xiu to become a teacher. Go to the Four Nations Competition with everyone. Ye Xiudu agreed to go to Drunk Dream City to find whereabouts related to his life experience.

Qingning’s carriage came to a teahouse. Sanniang, who was pretending to be a ghost doctor, saw that the business had arrived, and quickly continued to put on her dress. Hearing that Sanniang mentioned snow lotus, Ye Xiudu suddenly recalled some memories. When Sanniang saw Ye Xiudu next to him, she ran away in fright, but was caught by Ye Xiudu.

Sanniang thought that Ye Xiudu in front of him was still the pretending Ye Pianzhou, so she told everything she knew. Ye Xiudu misunderstood that he was really the number one thief in the world. So he decided to change his mind and asked Sanniang not to tell the matter. When Qingning walked in, Sanniang changed his words and said that Ye Xiudu was the number one knight of Fengcang Country, and Qingning was dubious.

Yu Qingluo’s carriage came to Drunk Dream City, Ye Haoran noticed Ion Fan’s diligence towards Yu Qingluo, and couldn’t help but ridicule, and was so angry that Jin Liuli screwed Ye Haoran out of the cart. On the other side, Qingning couldn’t help but feel a wave of emotions when he saw the refreshed Ye Xiu Duan. On the other hand, the next person mentioned that the son was guilty of syncope. Ye Xiu listened to the diagnosis, and recalled the corpse syncope, the memory in his mind resurfaced, and with the help of Ye Xiudu, the son also opened up again. Closed eyes.

Yu Qingluo and others were greeted by the leader of Tianyu Nation. They mentioned that it was the birth of the world’s son three days later, and the team leader must appear. Now Ye Haoran has to pretend to be. After the son woke up, Qing Ning was anxious to prove his strength, so he sent Ye Xiu alone to prove his strength to the son with one dozen.

Yu Qingluo suddenly saw a mysterious figure at the mansion. It turned out to be Shangguan Jin, the elder son of the Thunder Country. Three years ago, Yu Qingluo cured his eyes. But the shallow side made Shangguan Jin never forget. Now he finally sees Yu. When it was clear, Shangguan Jin was pleasantly surprised. The banquet has already begun, Yu Qingluo and Shangguan Jin appeared at the same time and took their seats together. Everyone was booing and wanted to see Ye Xiu Du’s peerless swordsmanship. Fortunately, Ye Haoran had been struggling to practice in the past few days. Shi Zi proposed a battle with the master of the mansion. Only a familiar voice came from behind, Ye Xiu stood alone in Ye. In front of Haoran.

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