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Qing Luo 清落 Episode 15 Recap

Yu Zuolin begged Yu Qingluo to let him go. At this moment, the imperial decree came and the Lord ordered someone to arrest people. The evidence was conclusive, so Yu Zuolin had to bow his head. Returning to the mansion, Yu Qingluo personally gave Ye Xiu Duo medicine, and father-in-law Yu came to the mansion again.

It turned out that it was the emperor’s order to reward Qianliang with gold, as well as marry ghost doctor and Ye Xiu Duo. Ye Xiudu almost couldn’t stand happily. Yu Qingluo realized that Ye Xiudu had a plan long ago. Seeing Ye Xiudu’s smile, she had to snicker. Yewangfu began to prepare for the wedding, but Ye Xiu alone was only worried about Nannan’s thoughts.

At night, Ye Xiudu found Nan Nan. The two talked about the truth. Ye Xiudu tied his badge to Nan Nan’s body and taught Nan Nan to become a real man. Ran Ran asked Shuang Ke to save Yu Zuo Lin, but Shuang Ke said that Yu Zuo Lin was only a pawn of Shu Luomen. Looking at the back of Shuang Ke leaving, Ran Ran asked someone to send a bowl of five herbs to the husband in prison in private.

Jin Liuli personally combed Yu Qingluo’s hair in her wedding gown. Yu Qingluo still worried about Nannan and the things that Ye Wangfei did not appear in her heart. At this time, Ye Xiu came to the room alone, Jin Liuli left when she saw it, and Ye Xiu Taking out the letter sent by her mother alone, it turns out that Princess Ye has always liked Yu Qingluo, but the boats and cars were too tired to make it. Only then did Yu Qingluo smile at ease. Ye Xiudu touched Yu Qingluo’s shoulder again, and made a promise for a lifetime.

When Ye Xiu walked out of the room alone, the door sounded again. Yu Qingluo, who was still smiling, opened the door, but stayed in place. Ion Fan came to report to Ye Xiudu that Yu was about to escape from prison. At this time, Jin Liuli also just sent a note that said, see you on the top of the Chaobai River.

Ye Xiudu hurriedly came to Duanqingding alone alone. Yu Zuolin held a sharp knife against Yu Qingluo, and Ye Xiu replied that one life was exchanged for one life. Yu Zuolin took double five grass powder and his skill greatly increased.

When the two were at war, Yu Qingluo secretly released His own poisonous scorpion, Ye Xiu kicked over again, and Yu Zuo flew off the cliff. Unexpectedly, Shuangke led people to ambush. There were so many people that the two of them could not resist. It was better to fight against the sky. Yu Qingluo held Ye Xiu alone and jumped down from the top of the love.

Lying in the Chaobai River, Yu Qingluo suddenly recalled that Yu Zuorin wanted to drown himself in the Chaobai River that day. When Yu Qingluo woke up, it had been three days and three nights, and Ion Sail led people under the cliff. Searching, but only found Yu Qingluo, did not see Ye Xiudu’s figure at all, Ye Haoran also looked for it, only found Ye Xiudu’s weapon and sachet.

Yu Qingluo was unwilling to hear it, so she went to search for it, but only saw Ye Xiudu’s belt. Nan Nan came to her mother to comfort her, and everyone would agree to continue searching for Ye Xiudu. Never give up.

Now that there is no Ye Xiu Duo, Yu Qingluo can’t help but think of love when looking at the red paper in the room. Looking at the marriage letter written by Ye Xiudu, Yu Qingluo shed tears, as if she could see Ye Xiudu standing aside wearing wedding clothes and looking in the mirror, thinking of Ye Xiudu’s oath to herself. After falling down the cliff, Yu Qingluo suddenly remembered that she had fallen into a fascination with Ye Xiudu at the Four Kingdoms dinner, and later got the jade pendant of Ye Family. All memories came to mind, Yu Qingluo vowed to win the glory of the Four Kingdoms game for Yejia.

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