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Please Feel at Ease Mr. Ling 一不小心捡到爱 Episode 12 Recap

After Ling Yue was discharged from the hospital, he found that many people in the company had jumped to Feiyue, and the major shareholders behind the project also invested in Feiyue. It turned out that all of this was caused by Ling Fang. When Ling Yue came to Fang Yu Construction, Ling Fang was shocked. There was nothing terrible about not doing anything wrong. It turned out that Ling Yue knew what the eldest brother was doing, and he had to deal with it. Ling Yue kindly reminded his eldest brother not to be too greedy, but not only did he not listen, he had to make an inch of it.

After returning to the company, Ling Yue immediately held a meeting to discuss specific countermeasures. At night, Ling Yue worked overtime at the company, and suddenly the door of the office was about to open. Ling Yue thought it was a dangerous person, hiding behind the door and preparing for a sneak attack. He didn’t expect it to be An Xin.

An Xin brought the grilled shrimp to Ling Yue, but he didn’t expect that he hadn’t eaten it before. The two of them ate a bite of prawns, very leisurely. An Xin was leaving. Ling Yue insisted on sending her off. An Xin sneaked away while Ling Yue was going to wash her hands. She also thoughtfully left a small note for Ling Yue.

As soon as Xin’er posted a Weibo in the bar, someone came over to satirize her and Ling Yue’s affairs. Xin’er also fought back, and her fiance kept pestering her and sending her flowers. The bad woman was suddenly anxious, and she was about to splash Xiner when she picked up the wine, but Ling Sheng stopped her. Xin’er asked him how he knew he was here, it turned out to be because of Weibo again.

Ling Fang was still very happy in the company to attend the listing meeting, but he didn’t expect someone to call and inform someone to take them to court for stealing trade secrets, and even the shares could not be recovered. Ling Yue has already sent evidence of their fraud to shareholders in the form of e-mail, which has made the eldest brother angry.

An Xin and Youyou were chatting in the coffee shop. They didn’t expect to meet Manager Zhao. Only then did they know that Manager Zhao had resigned and was starting his own business and setting up a studio. Youyou suddenly said that since you are looking for a partner, it is better to find Anxin, which is a super web comic. When asked about id, it turns out that Manager Zhao has always liked him, so he joined Manager Zhao’s studio with peace of mind. An Xin proposed to let Yoyo join in, and Yoyo’s sketching is super powerful. In this way, the three set up a studio.

The studio officially opened, and Ling Yue came to see Anxin, which was very sweet. Ling Yue brought an umbrella, and An Xin was still puzzled. It turned out that it was raining today, and An Xin never looked at the weather forecast. An Xin received an express delivery the next day. It turned out to be a small machine sent by Ling Yue to remind An Xin of the weather and eat on time. An Xin named it Xiaoliu.

At the company meeting, everyone asked Ling Fang to cash out the company’s stock and return the money. Ling Yue stopped him and he could dilute and cash Newwell’s 5% profit as a help to his eldest brother. Shareholders are very satisfied with this plan. So Ling Yue also helped his eldest brother. After the meeting ended, the chairman scolded Ling Fang and told him to rest for a period of time to stop taking care of the company’s affairs. Ling Fang didn’t understand why Ling Yue wanted to help him, did he want him to thank Ling Yue, but Ling Yue only said one thing, don’t care, Ling Fang might suddenly let go, and when he wanted to understand, he suddenly relaxed.

Ling Sheng was waiting for Xin’er to invite her to the spring outing by the roadside. Xin’er refused at first, but she saw a girl who deliberately struck up Ling Sheng and returned to agree to him, and threw away the drinks from others.

The comics on Anxin’s page exceeded 100,000 views, and everyone was very happy. Ling Yue just came over to bring Anxin to camp, and by the way, he brought everyone together to celebrate. When I was shopping, I met Ling Fang and Xin’er. Xin’er actually asked to be together, but after Anxin agreed, they had to go together.

Although An Xin was a little uncomfortable, she did not refuse. Ling Fang was also a little unhappy when he arrived at the camping place. Originally, he went to the music festival together. Xiner lied and said that he was going to camp with Ling Yue, but Ling Fang said that the original date of the two had turned into a bunch of people. Xiner also promised that Ling Fang would have the next date.

In the evening, Ling Yue specially chose a place to put up a tent in order to make it easy to see the stars. Unexpectedly, when it rains, the stars will not be visible, but unexpectedly this place is actually a gathering place of fireflies. There are so many fireflies together. The beauty of the two people kissed among the fireflies.

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