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Please Feel at Ease Mr. Ling 一不小心捡到爱 Episode 11 Recap

After An Xin woke up, she felt a little embarrassed to see people’s clothes all over the floor. Ling Yue told An Xin after taking a shower. An Xin felt much better immediately. My brother found Anxin at the hotel, and seeing Ling Yue worry about what he did to Anxin, Anxin said no. My brother took Anxin home and said that he did not agree with them. Anxin didn’t understand.

You are not in an either-or relationship. Why can’t you try to get to know Ling Yue well? An Sheng said that if it was, An Xin was stunned. An Xin told her brother that he was already Ling Yue’s person. An Sheng was very angry and asked him if it was Ling Yue. People are in danger, An Xin said no, and his brother realized that it was voluntary, and An Sheng was very sad.

An Sheng went to a bar to drink alone, and a strange woman came to strike up a conversation. An Sheng also recognized her as An Xin. Just when An Sheng was drunk, Yoyo called him. Although An Sheng himself was very tired, An Sheng still went. Yoyo used to call him over to check out the bill. She took the opportunity to ask An Sheng to watch a movie and told him not to refuse.

There was no way, An Sheng agreed. What I watched is a story about boys waiting for girls. An Xin told Yoyo, this is An Sheng’s favorite movie. Yo-yo asked why he knew this boy so much. An Sheng said that he had been waiting for someone, and Yo-yo thought that An Sheng was talking about himself.

An Xin sent resumes everywhere to find a new job, but it was all over. Ai Li asked Ling Yue if she wanted to help her, but now Ling Yue already understood An Xin, he decided to let An Xin try it by himself. After An Xin went home, Ling Yue prepared the food intimately, and posted a small note to prevent An Xin from forgetting. After buying the cold medicine and preparing it, An Xin was very moved and very happy.

When Ling Yue saw the new idea of ​​Cainiao Station at the venture capital conference, he remembered that Anxin used to take express delivery very convenient, and complained why express delivery can’t be stopped immediately. Ling Yue had the idea of ​​investing, but he didn’t expect it to be Gu Xiner’s project. Afterwards, in the parking lot, Xiner offered to chat alone, so she got into Lingyue’s car, took the opportunity to approach him, and someone behind took the opportunity to take a photo.

Then it was posted on the Internet and caused a rumor. After being seen by An Xin, he called Ling Yue and refused to answer. An Sheng asked to go to the company to find him, but An Xin refused. Although he said that he didn’t care and believed in Ling Yue, he was inevitably uncomfortable.

However, the people in Lingyue’s company actually discussed using the scandal hype between him and Xin’er to promote the company’s project. Lingyue rejected any ambiguous relationship and asked him to make a statement that he has nothing to do with Xin’er. Ask him to leave after finishing. Ling Yue didn’t answer the phone call to An Xin, and he was also very anxious. Suddenly Ai Li saw An Sheng’s circle of friends. It turned out that they had gone to the beach together. Ling Yue ran to the beach to find An Xin.

Xiner was also very happy that the bureau she set up created a gap between Ling Yue and An Xin, and at the same time she promised Ling Yue’s younger brother to go on a date, but after seeing Ling Yuefa’s statement, she was not only unhappy but also missed the date with someone else.

An Sheng said that he had not been able to bring An Xin to the beach, and he had to compensate her slowly and not let others hurt her. Ling Yue came just as he spoke. An Xin was surprised when she saw this. Ling Yue had always been afraid of water. After coming to the beach, she fainted when she thought of her childhood experience.

After waking up, An Xin stayed with him in front of his bed. Ling Yue explained the ins and outs of this matter to An Xin. He didn’t expect Xin’er to be so scheming. An Xin chose to forgive Ling Yue. It turned out that Ling Yue had been taking medicine to lower the heart rate, and told An Xin why he was afraid of water. An Xin shed tears and nestled in Ling Yue’s arms with distress.

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