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The Origin of the Awakening of the Last Days

The Origin of the Awakening of the Last Days (Anime)
Other Name: 末世觉醒之溯源

Genres: Anime
Hao Chao
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“The Tracing of the Awakening of the Last Days” is watched online, the complete set has 26 episodes, and one episode is updated every Tuesday at 10 o’clock. The introduction of “The Tracing of the Awakening of the Last Days”: This planet is occupied by the DS (Damocris) technology army, strong AI (artificial intelligence) System) is the leader of this army. The falcon troops who resisted AI and DS cleaned out Mad Dog Town (DS Proving Ground). Ma San, a mysterious woman named Luo Ning, who was originally an electrician in Mad Dog Town but had a sense of vision (to predict the future for a short period of time), rebelled against Ren Ling and hacker Xiaohai and fled.

The owner of Mad Dog Town (“Father” Moby) escaped from the colony planet by rocket, and everyone in Mad Dog Town was about to be burned to death by rocket flames. Ma San was connected to the AI ​​Skyeye satellite to save the people, and successfully prevented the priest and escaped the Mad Dog with everyone Zhen, this move implies that Ma San may come from DS, and Ma San also began to doubt the source of his vision?

Everyone came to the abandoned post station occupied by a group of refugees in the last days. The leader here, Feng Ziang, recognized Ma San, called him the chief, and then volunteered to help Ma San retrieve his memory, but everyone did not know that this was just a prelude to a conspiracy…

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