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Please Feel at Ease Mr. Ling 一不小心捡到爱 Episode 10 Recap

As soon as Ling Yue sent An Xin back to An Sheng, An Xin persuaded her brother to agree to be with him. Ling Yue asked Ai Li to help her move. Moved the house very quickly, Ai Li said that this way, President Ling can feel at ease.

At the company meeting, An Xin proposed a story about the nine-headed bird falling into the world. She hopes to try it. Although everyone has different opinions, she feels that her topic is narrow, her PPT is sloppy, and she has not done market research. But the boss asked her to update the ten words to try, An Xin was very happy.

An Xin went out to meet Ling Yue, and told him not to wait for himself, and to work overtime. In desperation, the two reluctantly separated. After returning home, An Xin kept working overtime until early the next morning. As soon as she left the house, An Xin saw Ling Yue still there. Ling Yue prepared breakfast in the car and asked her sincerely why her hands were so cold.

She gave her a blanket and was discovered by An Xin. It turned out that Ling Yue really waited for An Xin downstairs all night, and it was delivered while the two were in the car. Yu Guo was watching outside, not knowing what was wrong. What an idea.

An Xin is doing psychological construction for herself. After checking the new comics she wrote, she is ranked first in the rankings. An Xin is very happy. Around the corner, I heard my colleagues talking boringly and realized that it was the data that Ling Yue spent money to buy. It turned out that Ling Yue had arranged for him to enter the company so easily. So I told my colleagues that although I was a rookie, I would not buy data. .

An Xin came to the company to look for Ling Yue, but the security guard refused to let him in. He just happened to meet Dr. Xiao before bringing An Xin in. An Xin found Ling Yue and chatted with him alone. I told the ins and outs of this incident again, but Ling Yue didn’t understand An Xin, thinking that he was for her good, but he called An Xin’s serialization at home as an indecent thing. An Xin felt that the higher he flew, the more he would fall. The heavier he is, and the more disrespectful he gets for nothing. Ling Yue ignores An Xin’s efforts. He doesn’t understand An Xin, and An Xin asks to separate and calm down for a while.

An Xin sat silently on the steps of the house. Her brother came, comforted her and hugged An Xin, so that Ling Yue had witnessed all this. Ling Yue stopped the brother when he was leaving, and the two of them turned their faces publicly for peace of mind.

Ling Yue went to the game console to relieve his pressure. It happened to be found by Doctor Xiao. Doctor Xiao advised him to do the same way as Ling Yue’s father did. In a word, Ling Yue immediately understood where he was wrong.

An Xin received a message at this time. Someone found Yu Guo’s location, and An Xin wanted to find her. He called An Sheng but didn’t answer, so he sent the message and left. Ling Yue waited for her downstairs in the company with flowers, but An Xin did not come out. After asking her colleagues, she realized that An Xin had left work and went to Bishu Village. Ai Li said that Yu Guo was in Bishu Village, and Ling Yue hurried to go. Looking for An Xin, at this time her brother also found An Xin’s message and rushed away.

An Xin was about to open the door. She didn’t know that there was a huge danger waiting for her. She was suddenly stopped by Ling Yue, and Yu Guo in the room was also stopped by someone holding a shovel. Ling Yue pushed in and found the house. There was no one inside. Seeing it was about to rain, the two of them left. There was really heavy rain on the road, but Ling Yue’s car ran out of gas. In desperation, even one of them had to find an inn, but the boss refused to borrow it. Telephone, open the room, there is no double room, only a double room, there is no way they can only use it.

An Sheng also braved the rain to find An Xin but did not find it, but at this time An Xin and Ling Yue were on the ground and the other on the bed. Suddenly a cockroach ran out of the ground. Ling Yue climbed onto the An Xin bed. Although the cockroach was killed, I don’t want to sleep on the ground. An Xin took a pillow as a three-eighth thread, and both of them lay on the bed.

After An Xin came out of the shower, Ling Yue not only dried An Xin’s clothes, but also dried An Xin’s hair. Such details moved An Xin very much. When the two people lay in bed and talked to themselves, Ling Yue apologized to An Xin, and An Xin also chose to forgive him. An Xin thought that Ling Yue was asleep, so she secretly kissed him, but Ling Yue woke up unexpectedly. Ling Yue said how the whole world lying next to him could have said, so Ling Yue kissed An Xin and fell asleep.

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